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Why Mauritius is a Must-See Destination

When it comes to planning for an upcoming holiday, there is a good chance you tend to pick the same locations that you have always visited. While you may have fun visiting these same locations every year, you are missing out on different experiences.

This year, or next, instead of going to the same location you have always travelled to for holidays, consider visiting Mauritius.

Why Mauritius? We will take a look at why this tiny little island nation is a popular travel destination and quickly becoming a ‘must-see’ hotspot for Australian travellers.

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Beautiful Beaches That are Straight Off a Postcard

The beautiful sandy beaches of Mauritius will be the first thing you notice when you visit the island. These beaches are unlike any you have ever seen or visited before. They look like they are literally straight off a postcard.

While visiting Mauritius, you will be able to do a number of things on the beach. Visitors can sit and lounge in the sun, swim in the crystal clear azure waters, or be adventurous and take part in kite surfing, boating, or all manner of water sports. All of these adventurous activities await you when you visit Mauritius.

Stroll Through the Streets and Sample Tasty Street Food from Local Vendors

Considering Mauritius is such a small island you would think that your food choices would be limited, but they aren’t. The streets are filled with local vendors that serve up some of the most amazing street food. As you walk down the streets of Mauritius, you will be able to try out dishes and foods that are inspired by Indian, African and Creole cultures.

Take a Trip to the Black River Gorges

The Black River Gorges is like an isolated oasis in the middle of a small island. This national park is made up of 6500 hectares of land. Spread out throughout the entire land you will see local plants, beautiful exotic flowers, serene pools and ponds. In addition to the beautiful scenery, you will also encounter birds and other wildlife that only reside on this island.

Visiting The Black River Gorges is such a relaxing, peaceful experience. Travellers have been known to spend all day at this beautiful national park.

Visit a Sacred Lake on a Volcano Crater

You might be thinking that you can visit a lake anywhere you go, but when you go to the Grand Bassin on the island you will be treated to a unique experience. The Grand Bassin is a large lake that is located in the crater of an extinct volcano. It is both fun and exciting to go to the Grand Bassin because there aren’t many lakes like this in the world. Just remember it is considered one of the sacred Hindu areas, so please so be respectful of the land, area and anyone that is visiting.

While visiting the unique lake at Grand Bassin, you will also encounter another unique attraction – the giant statue of Lord Shiva. Standing 108 feet tall, this giant statue greets visitors to the Grand Bassin. Like the lake in the mountains, this statue is unique to the island and can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Who knew that such a small island located out in the middle of the Indian Ocean could provide you with so much to see and do. Next time you are planning a holiday for yourself or your family consider passing on that trip to popular exotic locations and choose to go to Mauritius. We are certain you won’t regret making this choice.

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