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Family Holiday Packing Tips

Packing for one person is bad enough. Packing for an entire family is even worse. It is stressful, time-consuming, and there is a huge potential to make a mistake or forget something important. The team here at Ace Airport Parking want you to start off your family holiday on the right foot, which is why we have gathered together some family holiday packing tips that will make it easier to pack for your upcoming holiday.

Packing list by STIL on Unsplash

Prepare for the Unexpected by Packing Clothing Across Several Suitcases

In an ideal world, your family’s entire luggage will arrive at your final destination together. Unfortunately, travelling doesn’t always work that way. There is always a chance that one or more of your suitcases will be lost or delayed.

Prepare for the worst by packing clothing in each of the suitcases for every member of the family. This way you will have backup clothing that will hold you over until you can be reunited with your lost luggage.

Pack Your Child’s Favourite Toy or Clothing in a Carry-on

If your child has a favourite blanket, toy, or outfit, you don’t want that to get lost while you are travelling. Pack it in a carry-on where you can keep an eye on it. This way it will be sure to arrive at your final destination.

Create a List of Must Have Items

Each member of the family will have different ‘must have’ items that must be packed. A few weeks before your family’s holiday start making a list of all these items. This will lessen the likelihood that you forget to pack something. Such items could be medications or spare glasses.

Consider Sending Larger, Bulkier Items Ahead by a Delivery Company

It may be easier and more cost effective to send larger, bulkier items, such as cribs or baby prams, through a delivery company. Sending it through a delivery company will eliminate the need to have to drag it through the airport, deal with checking it in at the ticket counter, and potentially paying check-in fees.

Weigh Your Luggage

Airlines charge if luggage or carry-on bags are over a specific weight. To avoid unwanted fees (or the embarrassment of having to lighten your luggage in front of hundreds of fellow passengers) by weighing your luggage before you arrive at the airport.

Set Limits on the Amount of Toys and Other Items Kids can take

Parents want their children to stay entertained while flying. This results in them packing a lot of unwanted toys, games, or activities that will probably remain untouched. Place a limit on how many toys a child can take for the entire trip. Remember that many quality airlines now supply children’s activity packs free of charge.

Back Up Important Documents

Losing original documents or identification can be a nightmare. Make copies of passports, itineraries, driving licenses and permits, and stash them across several bags. More tech-savvy travellers may wish to upload these scans to the Cloud.

Don’t Forget Phone Chargers and Other Cords

Place all phone chargers and cords in one location, like a small waterproof bag. Keeping them in one location will prevent the cords from getting all tangled up and it will make it really easy for you to check that you have all chargers. It may also be prudent to pack them in a suitcase as it saves potentially having to unpack carry-on when passing through security. Remember to pack power-plug adapters for foreign destinations if you wish to use your electrical equipment.

Pack Snacks

Pack some of your children’s favourite snacks in your carry-on bag. This will help you save money, as airport food can be expensive. Having nibbles and snacks can also see your children through those trying times between airline meals.

Follow these Family Holiday Packing Tips and packing for your next family holiday will be a lot easier.

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