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Near Corner of South Centre Rd and Sharps Rd
189 South Centre Rd, Tullamarine 3043
Melways Ref, 15-D2

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Where is Ace Airport Parking located? [top]

We are located at 189 South Centre Road, Tullamarine. Our Melway reference is 15-D2. If you are using a GPS unit, some units prefer the suburb/town as ‘Melbourne Airport’ or even ‘Airport West’. We also have a downloadable location map with directions on our location page or you can use the power of Google to give you directions, by typing in your address and clicking go on our location page.

Do I need to pre-book my parking? [top]

It is strongly recommended you take advantage of our online booking system. By pre-booking online you:

  1. access to better rates than by just turning up on the day,
  2. are guaranteed a parking space,
  3. will save you time when checking-in,
  4. we know you are coming and can plan for your arrival

You can also pre-book by phone, which is only a tentative booking unless payment is made. Simply call (03) 9330 2001.

How do I work out the parking rates and charges?[top]

Parking is calculated on a calendar day basis. A free quote is available on our website. This will provide you with a fixed price for your stay and provide a number of parking options to suit your needs.

What happens if I arrive earlier than I booked?[top]

You can enter/exit at any time during your booking period, including before or after your booked times, as long as it occurs on the same day, for example, Booked to arrive at 7 AM, but arrive at 3 AM. We use your booking times to ensure we allocate the right number of staff to peak times and plan our day, just like you’re planning ahead for your next trip. You can even amend your travel times up to 48 hours before by clicking on the ‘manage booking‘ link in your confirmation email.

What if I stay longer than I originally booked? [top]

If you need to extend your stay and you are yet to enter the car park, you can use the ‘manage booking‘ link confirmation email. However, if you are already away, we would appreciate an email to advise us of your changed return dates. On your return, you will be able to pay for the additional days at the standard parking rates as per our Booking Terms and Conditions.

How often does your courtesy buses run? [top]

We have 4 fast free courtesy buses that operate On-Demand, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They do not run to a timetable but operate continuously to and from Melbourne Airport terminals and Essendon Airport. When you arrive, we go direct to departures, and when you return, we’re at arrivals to bring you back.

Do you provide child restraints in your courtesy shuttle buses? [top]

We do cater for children (6+ months) travelling on our buses and we have a Travelling with Children Policy which will provide you with all the information you need. When you make a booking via our website, you will be asked if you are travelling with children, however, if you book via another method, simply notify us in advance so we can arrange the correct bus for your trip.

How early should I arrive at Ace Airport Parking to get to the terminal? [top]

We recommend you arrive at least 45 minutes before you wish to be at the Airport. This allows for traffic, to find a parking space and for us to transfer your luggage to our awaiting buses. This is in addition to the time the airline recommends you arrive at their check-in desk.

What airport terminals do you stop at? [top]

All buses are able to stop in the authorised drop-off points located at the front of the T2 International Terminal, Lane 2, ground level at Zone E (also opposite the Park Royal).  Access to T4 (Jetstar, Tiger and Rex), T3 Domestic Terminal (Virgin Australia), T2 International Terminal and T1 Domestic Terminal (Qantas) is via pedestrian crossings at each end of Zone E. It is a short 5-minute walk to all terminals from our central location on the airport forecourt.

Do you stop at Terminal 4 (T4) for Jetstar? [top]

All buses pick-up and drop-off from the centrally located authorised bus zone located at the front of the T2 International Terminal, Lane 2, ground level at Zone E (also opposite the Park Royal).  Access to T4 (Jetstar, Tiger and Rex) is a short 5-minute walk.

How Safe and Secure is my car? [top]

Ace Airport Parking have over 120 CCTV cameras, monitored on site by our staff which are on site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to ensure that whilst you are away, we’ve got you covered.

Is my car parked undercover all the time? [top]

If you select Undercover parking, your vehicle will be parked in our purpose built, multi-storey car park. Note: Our car park is true undercover parking, unlike other car parks that may only be providing ‘covered’ parking which is usually shade-cloth covered areas.

How do I cancel my booking? [top]

You can cancel your booking by clicking on the ‘manage booking‘ link in your confirmation email. We would recommend you future date your booking so you can utilise the booking at a later date, or you can choose to cancel your booking and subject to our Booking Terms and Conditions you may be entitled to a partial refund.

What happens when I return from my trip? [top]

Our four buses are continually dropping off and picking up at the airport and when you arrive back and have collected your luggage, simply call to arrange a shuttle bus and you will be directed to your closest pick-up point to transfer you straight back to your car.

Do I need to leave my car keys with you? [top]

We have a number of parking options available. If you choose to Self Park, you park in a lock-up space and take your keys. If you wish to have your car washed, serviced by Ultra Tune or use our Valet Parking Melbourne Airport, Yes, you simply leave your car at the luggage unload area and we’ll look after the everything for you!  More Information can be found at our Self Parking page and our Valet Parking Melbourne Airport page.

Is Ace Airport Parking the same as Jetport Self Park? [top]

Ace Airport Parking is located in the former Jetport Parking – Jetport Self Park site at 189 South Centre Road, Tullamarine. On 1st July 2011, we took over from the former operators, retaining the self-park parking options for long and short term parking and continue to run on-demand shuttle buses. We are not associated with Jetport Self Park or Jetport Valet, Jetport Security Parking or Europcar Airport Parking.

Do you cater for people with disabilities? [top]

Yes, we have dedicated disabled spots available and we can drive disabled passengers who cannot enter or exit our buses to/from the airport in their own cars. We need to be advised of this when a booking is made and clients will need to be at Ace at least 60 mins before the time they wish to be at the airport as a driver may not be available when they arrive. (Please note this will only be valid for Valet parking and that we don’t cater this option during peak hours)

What is the height clearance at your car park? [top]

We have a height clearance at the entry of our car park at 2.3 Metres and our Valet Parking Melbourne Airport and upper levels have a lower height clearance of 2.2 Metres.  Please let us know if you require 2.3-metre clearance so that we can allocate a space.

How can I redeem my Loyalty Points for FREE parking?[top]

To redeem your Loyalty Points, simply login to your account and check your current point status. You can do this at “My Account / My Booking located at the top-right of each page. If you haven’t logged in before, you can use your last booking reference instead of a password.  Upon redemption, you will be provided with an e-Voucher and will then need to be claimed during an online booking by placing the e-Voucher code into the e-Voucher code section, prior to making payment (if any is required).  Further instructions are available on how to redeem your Loyalty Points here.

I have multiple emails/accounts with you, can I merge my accounts?[top]

Yes, you certainly can merge multiple accounts that are owned by the same person. You may have changed email address and want to carry all the information over from your old account to your new.

The process will include merging all previous transactions/bookings and collating any loyalty points earned into one account. You can do this, after logging into your preferred account and using the  feature. Further instructions are available on how to merge your accounts here.