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Infuriating Airport Habits

In an effort to cope with the stress of travelling, you may have developed a routine you follow when you head to the airport. While that routine may calm and relax you, it could involve doing things that can be frustrating and annoying to others.

Take some time to discover the infuriating airport habits other travellers find extremely frustrating and annoying. Who knows, you might be surprised that you have some of these habits!

The Stop and Stare Airport Traveller

Airports are filled with lots of things to look at – gift shops, restaurants, and even entertainment centres – but make sure you aren’t blocking the flow of traffic when looking around. Some travellers have a habit of stopping abruptly to look at something in a gift shop or check out the menu at a restaurant. This causes all the other travellers behind them to abruptly stop and have to navigate around them. This is a particularly annoying habit if you have a stroller or large carry-on.

If you see something you want to look at, move out of the flow of traffic.

People Who Use the Charging Stations like a Lifeline

We are so reliant on technology that the thought of being disconnected from the Internet scares some people. It is pretty easy to spot people like this in the airport as they are the ones who plug their laptop, tablet, or mobile into a public charging station and just sit there for hours on end.

Share the electricity and move on from the charging station. If you are worried about losing your connection to the online world consider purchasing additional backup chargers and batteries.

The Perfume Fanatic

Flying can be a smelly business. People are stuck on planes for hours on end and might not have access to a shower. In an effort to combat the potential offending smells from other people, some individuals overuse perfume. This creates a perfume cloud that people can smell for miles around.

When travelling, try to resist the urge to overuse any scented lotions, perfume, or body sprays. We know it is tough as they are readily available in duty-free shops, but that perfume will start to smell ripe after a few hours. It is best to just leave it alone.

Other Infuriating Habits for Airport Travellers

Other annoying habits people often develop at the airport include:

  • Trying to jump to the front of lines – check-in lines, boarding lines, shop lines
  • Walking around with huge backpacks that knock into others
  • Unprepared traveller who doesn’t have their tickets, passport, and other information readily available
  • Taking up too much space so you spill into other people’s seats in the airport and on the plane
  • Being unprepared to go through security checkpoints
  • Demanding perks or special add-ons from the check-in clerk or airline staff
  • The loud talker who carries conversations on that can be heard by people all around them

After reading this list if you find that you may have developed some of these habits, try to make a conscious effort to break them. Not only will your next trip to the airport be easier for you, but other travellers will thank you.

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