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The Dice Cream of Prague

There are many fantastic reasons to visit Prague, widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city has been steeped in culture and history for over a thousand years, and has earned the moniker, ‘The City of a Hundred Spires’ for good reason. The city is divided into individual quarters, each with its own distinct style and flavours.

From the magnificent Prague Castle and the Old Town Hall with the amazing Astronomical Clock, to the winding lanes of the Jewish Quarter and the eerie ancient cemeteries. Prague underwent a ‘Velvet Revolution’ many years ago, shrugging off the oppressive veil of Communist rule. That spawned a whole new generation, intent on celebrating their newfound freedom. Today, Prague is a hotbed for cosmopolitan living and eclectic styles, the ancient foundations of this great city blending seamlessly with a flood of tourists.

Photo credit: Jessica of Bubbly Design Co. – @bubblydesignco

But we think they’ve just outdone themselves.

We were alerted to a new food craze sweeping the city that, quite frankly, had us checking the prices on flights. One particular Prague café, the ‘Good Food Coffee and Bakery’ has been selling ‘Chimney Cakes’, their take on a traditional Slovak pastry made from grilled dough and topped with walnuts and sugar.

The end result is a dietician’s worst nightmare; a drool-inducing blend of ice cream set in a doughnut cone. Ditching the traditional wafer cone and replacing it with a sugar encrusted ‘doughnut cone’, filled with chocolate and stuffed with ice cream, this dessert craze is sweeping Prague’s café scene.

We eagerly await the ‘Dice Cream’s’ (as we like to call it) arrival on Australian shores.

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