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Travelling Like A Pro

If you have ever sat and watched as people navigate the busy, bustling airport and eventually board their plane, you will notice there are two types of travellers – the fearless and the apprehensive. When it comes to ‘types’ of travellers, there really is no in between, but just because you fall into one category of traveller doesn’t mean you are stuck there forever.

The team at Ace Airport Parking, Melbourne airport’s premier parking provider, has created a quick, easy to follow guide that will help transform the inexperienced or apprehensive traveller into a fearless flyer.

Travelling Like A Pro - Stress Free Departure

Travelling Like A Pro – Stress-Free Departure

Brush Up on Airport Security Checkpoint Rules

Every airport will have a set of airport security checkpoint rules that must be followed by every single traveller – no exceptions at all. Take a few moments to research the rules and regulations, so you don’t experience any surprises, such as needing to throw out a recently purchased soft drink or having to leave behind a freshly baked pastry you purchased at a local cafe, when you get to the airport.

Some things to look into include:

  • What can or cannot be packed in your carry-on
  • What is allowed through security checkpoints – some countries have restrictions on whether or not liquids can be taken through security checkpoints
  • Research what, if any, restrictions are placed on foodstuffs that can be brought through security checkpoints

This is especially important if you are travelling between different countries, as every country’s airport security has different rules and regulations that must be followed. Most airports will have an outline of their security checkpoint rules and regulations listed on their website.

Give Yourself Enough Time

No one wants to spend more time than required in the airport, but if you want to become a fearless traveller, you will want to give yourself time to do everything that needs to be done. After all, the more rushed you feel, the higher your stress levels will go and the more apprehensive you will feel about flying.

Things to consider when planning your airport arrival time include:

    • Parking situations – are you taking a taxi or cab to the airport, or do you need to book a reservation at Ace Airport Parking using the convenient online booking form
    • Airline check-in – did you check in online or will you need to stand in line to get boarding passes
    • Luggage check-in – Can you automatically check your luggage in at a kiosk or do you have to physically check the bags at the counter
    • Airport security checkpoints – Make sure to provide yourself enough time to get through airport security checkpoints
    • Always expect the unexpected – Don’t automatically assume everything will go smoothly. Give yourself time to expect the unexpected (traffic jams, longer-than-normal lines at the airport check-in counter, forgetting an ID and having to run back home to get it)

Use these tips the next time you are travelling and you will be surprised just how fearless you feel when you are about to take to the skies and travel the world. Next time you’re seeking Melbourne airport parking, why not try Ace Airport Parking? Our convenient airport location and fast shuttle buses remove the hassle of parking at the airport carpark, leaving you in a calmer frame of mind for your journey. With amazing deals on short and long-term Melbourne airport parking options, 24/7 monitored security and little extras such as car washing and servicing; we guarantee you’ll start your holiday seven minutes earlier.

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