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Google Flights Launches in Australia

Several months ago, we wrote a blog about the new Google Flights feature that could potentially help travellers save hundreds of dollars when booking flights. At the time, the new feature was only “in the works” and wasn’t available in Australia, but that has now changed.

Google Flights is now officially available in Australia and already travellers are using it to save money when booking flights all over the world. Whether they are travelling nationally or internationally, this feature is certain to help any tech-savvy traveller find the best airfares.

Google Flights Is Now Officially Available In Australia

Google Flights Is Now Officially Available In Australia

We give you a brief overview of what exactly you can do with Google Flights as we want everyone to save money on your next flight.

Compare and Book Flights from a Tablet, Desktop, or Smartphone

Comparing flights to a destination can be extremely time-consuming. You had to jump from Internet browser tab to Internet browser tab and look at multiple sites when comparing flights. Also, while doing this, the fares for the flights could change minute by minute.

With the help of Google Flights, your search for the cheapest, most affordable airfare can all be done on one single site. All you have to do is search for “flights to Japan” or “flights to New Zealand” and Google Flights will do all the work.

The best part is that all fares are shown in $AUS. Which means you won’t have to sit and convert the fares into your currency.

Discover Low Rates for Popular Travel Destinations

If you are a flexible traveller who is looking for a good price on airfare and don’t really care where you go, Google Flights has a feature for you. Pick a month and whether you want to travel for a weekend, week or 2 weeks. Specify a region such as Asia or Europe and Google Flights will show you the lowest rates for various destinations within your time frame.

Receive Tips from the Experts on How to Lower Your Airfare

Experienced travellers know all the “ins” and “outs” of travelling on a tight budget and able to find the best deals. Now, this is no longer a secret. Google Flights will allow you to pick a destination and it will use those “best-kept secrets” to show you the lowest fares.

Some of the tips this feature may provide you with include:

  • Using alternative airports
  • Creating layovers in different cities
  • Travelling at different times

In addition to these tips, this feature will provide you with a fare increase estimate. This will tell you when fares might increase in price. This information will then allow you to determine whether you should wait to book your flight or if you should book now so you don’t end up paying more.

Google Flights will change the way you travel. It will allow you to quickly book flights at amazing deals without having to spend hours searching different sites and will also keep you notified of changes to prices and schedules.

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