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The Pros and Cons of Qantas Wi-Fi Internet

For many years, airlines have offered passengers the chance to connect to the internet whilst flying. Unfortunately, the internet access offered was often slow, sluggish, dropped connections and cost a fortune. Qantas is committed to creating a Wi-Fi system which will allow passengers to connect to the internet from almost any device. The Wi-Fi now being offered by Qantas is said to be fast, reliable and free!

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The Qantas Wi-Fi Experiment

In April 2017, after completing numerous trials to the Wi-Fi network, Qantas was able to successfully launch their on-board free Wi-Fi service. The first flight to offer this Wi-Fi service travelled between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Passengers were able to gain access to high speed, reliable and stable connections. In fact, some passengers even stated that the Wi-Fi connection was faster than what they had at work or home!

Even though the Qantas Wi-Fi network was successful, there is still a lot of work to be done. Qantas still classifies this as a “trial” run and is constantly monitoring passenger feedback. The feedback is then being used to create a bigger and better Wi-Fi network which will eventually expand to over 80 flights.

The Downside of Free Domestic Wi-Fi on Qantas Flights

Free Wi-Fi might sound amazing to some people, after all, you can watch your choice of movies, play video games or chat with friends. While these may seem like perks, there is still a downside, especially for the business traveller.

Many travellers, especially business travellers, enjoy being disconnected to the outside world whilst travelling. This enables a passenger to relax, unwind and not worry about having to answer emails, write up business documents or check in with co-workers. That may all change with free Wi-Fi access and the constant connection to the outside world.

Business travellers may be expected to check-in, answer emails and conduct business while flying as a consequence of having access to the internet.

There are many positive aspects to having a Wi-Fi connection, but imagine sitting on a flight relaxing when suddenly you are interrupted by a loud conversation with a fellow passenger having a Skype call with a friend. This could potentially happen with this free Wi-Fi service. Qantas flight crew have all been briefed to deal with over-exuberant passengers!

The Future for Qantas Wi-Fi

After a successful run, Qantas will slowly start to add Wi-Fi to other domestic flights. Some passengers will absolutely love this new service, while others may find it distracting. Regardless of how you feel, the fact remains that it is coming and it could be on your next flight!

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