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Wardrobe Hacks and Travel Hacks

Being away from the comforts of home and living out of a suitcase can create a multitude of unforeseen holiday problems. When problems arise and you are far from a local shopping centre you may be forced to go MacGyver and improvise on your solutions. The team here at Ace Airport Parking have heard many weird and wonderful hacks over the years to solve traveller dilemmas. For example, I bet you didn’t know that hotel lotion could be used to shine your shoes, did you? Some things need patching immediately while you’re away from home, but there is always the chance that if you don’t know what to do you may make it worse.

So sometimes you may need to step up and be your own hero when you need one. Here are some hacks from Melbourne’s premier airport parking team that can help solve simple wardrobe problems experienced by travellers to have you travelling like a pro.

Travel Hacks - Wrinkle Free Shirts with a Hairdryer

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Loose Jeans Zipper?

A key ring will be your key to avoid embarrassment from an open zipper. Just attach the key ring at the tip of your zipper, and then hook the key ring first to the button of your jeans before you button up the jeans. This will prevent the zipper from sliding down.

Smelly Jeans?

Fold your jeans and put it in a zip lock bag. Place it inside the fridge overnight and the smell will be gone the next day.

Travel Hacks - Smelly Jeans

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Smelly Shoes?

Place the peel of an orange, lemon or grapefruit inside your shoes overnight to remove the odour.

Damp Underwear or Socks?

Use a blow dryer. You can even use it on clothes that you need to dry fast.

Separation problem in the sole of your shoes?

Soften a piece of chewing gum and place it under the sole of your shoe as temporary glue. It will keep your shoes together until you find a place where you can have it fixed permanently. The problem here is you’ll likely gross out the cobbler though! It’s probably best to avoid using this hack in Singapore unless you’re a fan of caning!

Wrinkled shirt plus no iron?

If you find yourself in a hotel room that happens not to have an iron, you can use a hair dryer to remove the wrinkles from your shirt.

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