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Discover The Outrageous Perks of Flying First Class

Discover the outrageous perks of flying First Class.  Warning – reading this blog will certainly destroy your desire to ever fly in cattle class ever again!

Airlines around the globe are engaged in a bitter war to lure the well-heeled traveller onboard their aircraft. They all offer First Class travellers something amazing, ranging from meals prepared by top chefs, speciality cocktails or drinks. You may even have access to an entire bathroom with heated floors and showers or the ability to use an entire private terminal at the airport.

Discover some of the outrageous perks of flying First Class? Here we go!

Discover the outrageous perks when flying first class

Discover the outrageous perks when flying first class

Say Goodbye to Reclining Chairs and Hello to Entire Beds

Sleeping in the limited reclining seats in economy is almost impossible unless you’re a trained contortionist. First Class travellers on certain airlines don’t have to worry about that. In fact, they are given an entire bed to stretch out and sleep whilst they fly.

Singapore Airlines is just one of the many airlines that offer First Class travellers the option to sleep in a full sized bed. There are multiple cabins where a full-size bed can be pulled out and travellers can curl up and go to sleep. If you weren’t expecting to sleep on the flight, Singapore Airlines will provide First Class travellers with everything including comfortable slippers, soft robes, blankets and designer PJs.

Travelling with a friend or companion? The cabin can be converted into sleeping quarters that will comfortably fit two people.

Another airline which offers a pull-out bed is Emirates.

Refresh in the Luxurious In-Flight Shower or Spa

First Class travellers aboard Emirates can arrive at their final destination looking refreshed and relaxed thanks to the in-flight shower. First Class ticket holders have access to spacious bathrooms that come complete with heated floors and showers. The bathrooms can be booked for 30 minutes and come with luxurious toiletries and a soft bathrobe.

How the First Class Traveller Dines

Some airlines may not offer spacious and luxurious accommodations on board, but these airlines often make up for it by offering First Class travellers the chance to dine on food that tastes like it came out of the finest restaurants.

Some of the food that is offered at the airlines includes:

  • Book the Cook – a service offered by Singapore Airlines where you choose your meals and chef up to 24 hours in advance of your flight.
  • Fine dining on your terms – British Airways and Lufthansa offer customised menus with meals created by world famous chefs.
  • In-flight Chef – Cathay Pacific has an in-flight chef that will personally make your meal for you.
  • Celebrity chef menu – Air France has an entire menu created by celebrity chefs.

If food isn’t your thing, you can still take advantage of some of the amazing first class perks. Lufthansa offers First Class travellers access to a world-class wine selection, while Emirates has an entire lounge dedicated to serving drinks and socialising.

Other First Class Perks

Some of the amazing perks that airlines offer to travellers include:

  • Private jet access (Lufthansa and Air France).
  • Personal airport terminals (Lufthansa).
  • Private suite with butler (Etihad).
  • Separate check-in.
  • Personal car service that takes you to and from various terminals.

Now that you have read what First Class travellers have access to, you will probably never want to book economy ever again. While it’s nice to dream, the reality is that most of us will never experience the other side of the curtain and the best we can ever hope for is an extra bag of peanuts!

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