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The Golden Ticket Upgrade to First Class

Could you imagine paying $27,000 for an airplane ticket? Most people can’t imagine having that kind of spare change to spend on a luxury item in the first place. So, imagine one guy’s surprise when he received an unexpected upgrade to First Class and was handed the “golden ticket”, which cost around US$21,000 (approximately AUD$27,000).

Who was Handed the Golden Airline Ticket?

The unexpected airline ticket upgrade happened to an American filmmaker and YouTube personality by the name of Casey Neistat. Casey regularly travels around the world creating a number of different YouTube videos and films. He was traveling from Dubai to New York City when the unexpected upgrade occurred.

What Type of Airline Experience Do You Have When You Pay $27,000 for a Ticket?

Casey Neistat decided to document his entire experience flying First Class aboard Emirates Airlines. The experience was documented throughout an entire 10 minute YouTube video, which quickly became an Internet sensation, with over 20 million views!

The following are some of the highlighted experiences he shared about his flight.

Private Cabins

Unlike regular First Class seats on some airlines which are only separated from the rest of the flight by a curtain, people who fly First Class on Emirates Airlines are given individual cabins. These self-contained cabins have everything from private electric doors to a comfortable seat that serves as a pull out bed, expertly made up by the cabin crew.

In-Flight Showers

The private cabins don’t have their own bathrooms, but there is a reserved bathroom for those who fly First Class. Only First Class individuals can use it.

One of the perks about using the First Class bathroom is the ability to reserve a shower. A flight attendant will ready the shower and come and get you when it is ready.

People might think that an in-flight shower would be tiny and cramped, but it isn’t. The shower on this flight is bigger than some people’s bathrooms at home! There is a complete walk-in shower with five minutes of temperature-controlled water, high-end fittings and fixtures, luxury beauty products and enough room to freely move around without bumping into the walls.

The bathroom on this flight is stocked with all the essential items you would need for a shower. Some of the items include a hair dryer, top-of-the-line shampoos/conditioners/body wash, luxurious towels, and even a bathrobe.

In-Cabin Amenities

Most flights come with free snacks, but when you fly First Class and the ticket cost $27,000 you get a lot more perks than free food.

Some of the in-cabin amenities that can be found in First Class aboard Emirates Airlines include:

  • Giant touchscreen TV/monitor to watch TV, movies, or flight progress
  • Snacks galore
  • Hand cream, lotion, facial cream, and other products to keep you hydrated
  • Automatic window shades that are controlled with a single touch of a button
  • Writing kit filled with pens, pencils, paper, and envelopes
  • Fully stocked mini bar
  • On-demand customised meals that are served freshly cooked from a diverse menu that includes appetisers, entrees, and desserts
  • Personal care amenity kit filled with razors, shaving cream, and other items
  • Slippers, eyeshades, and luxurious PJs
  • Personal flight attendant who will do everything from making drinks to set up your bed before sleeping
  • Fresh flowers in the cabin

Most of us wonder what it would be like to fly First Class, but let’s face it, most of us either can’t afford it or would find it difficult to cough up that kind of coin for the experience. Now – thanks to Casey – you know what it is like without having to spend $27,000 on a ticket.

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Here is what Casey had to say about the whole experience.

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