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Tips for Scoring Cheap Airline Tickets and Holidays at Christmas

It is never too early to start thinking about what you will be doing for Christmas. Will you travel home to visit friends and family or do you want to venture out and go on a short Christmas holiday to a new place? Regardless of what you plan on doing, now is the time to start planning.

To start planning your Christmas holiday, we have gathered some helpful tips that will help you potentially save money on everything from airfares, hotels to cruises and rental cars.

Tips for Scoring Cheap Airline Tickets and Holidays at Christmas

Tips for Scoring Cheap Airline Tickets and Holidays at Christmas

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Pick Your Travel Days Wisely

The days you choose to fly can make a huge difference to how much you pay. If you have a bit of flexibility in the days you can travel, you could find yourself saving hundreds of dollars by being able to travel on days when airfares are cheaper.

For Christmas, that means flying on the actual holidays. Airfares are extremely expensive in the days leading up to Christmas, but the price significantly drops on Christmas day itself.

The lower airfares on Christmas Day can be ideal for anyone who is planning on getting out of town for the holiday season and exploring new places. You can get the lower airfare because you aren’t trying to make a family gathering.

When flying back, try to plan it so that you don’t travel in the week after New Year. This is usually the most expensive.

Use Google Flights to Find Cheap Airfares if Your Travel Dates aren’t Flexible

If you don’t have flexibility when you travel, Google Flights can help you find the cheapest airfare. This easy-to-use app will help you find the cheapest airfare for specific dates and can even provide you with recommendations on whether you should book now or wait for cheaper rates.

Skip the Hotels and Choose Holiday Rentals

Hotel room rates can double or even triple during the Christmas season. In an effort to save money, you may want to consider staying in a seasonal holiday rental. Holiday rental rates, while slightly higher during Christmas, can often be significantly less than hotels.

Holiday at Destinations that are More Affordable

Certain local and international locations are more affordable than others. If you are looking to save money and still get away for the holidays, choose an affordable destination. The price you pay might be slightly more than if you travelled during the year, but you will still see significant savings. The same applies to countries that don’t celebrate Christmas. You will enjoy the benefits of a trip without the seasonally inflated prices.

Look for Travel Packages

When all else fails, if you are stuck having to go with the higher costs of airfares, hotels and rentals, consider looking into travel packages. Many websites and travel agencies offer a discount if you choose to book a travel package, as opposed to purchasing everything separately.

This year, don’t sit at home during Christmas, go out and explore the world or at least go and meet friends and family members in a different location. Using these tips we have provided, you can travel on your own or go visit your family without having to break the bank.

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