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Get Help for Those Flying Phobias!

A fear of flying doesn’t just keep you grounded, it prevents you from seeing and experiencing some of the most amazing sights in the world. If you are tired of being left behind as friends and family travel the world and create memories that last a lifetime, you may want to look into getting help for your flying phobia.

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Help is Available for all Flying Phobias

You don’t necessarily have to be so afraid of flying that you can’t even step foot on a plane to get help for a flying phobia. Help is available for all types of flying phobias.

Everyone from people who get slightly nervous while flying or have a few irrational fears to those who have never stepped foot on a plane have been able to successfully overcome their flying phobia. All it takes is a little help.

What Type of Help is the Best for Overcoming Flying Phobias?

There are a number of ways you can get help for overcoming your flying phobia. Hypnotism, exposure therapy (where you use simulations to fly in a plane multiple times and eventually overcome your fear), relaxation techniques, and even deep breathing exercises have proven helpful. What works for one person doesn’t always work for another. So, if you happen to try something and it doesn’t work, don’t give up hope. Try another method!

A New Technique That is Proving Helpful in Overcoming Flying Phobias

A relatively new technique is being used to help people overcome flying phobias – cognitive behaviour therapy. Cognitive behaviour therapy has been proven successful in helping people with anxiety disorders, depression, and other problems. It has recently been used to help people overcome their fear of flying.

The focus of cognitive behaviour therapy is to teach techniques and tools people can use to help them overcome their fears. It is believed that by learning these techniques people will be able to eventually overcome their fear and be able to board a plane.

There is a slight drawback to cognitive behaviour therapy. It doesn’t work overnight. Typically, it takes attending several sessions with an experienced therapist to master the skills and techniques you need to overcome your fears.

In order for cognitive behaviour therapy to work, you must work closely with a psychologist to get to your underlying fears. A psychologist will work to narrow down what causes your fear. For example, are you afraid of not being in control or afraid of the plane actually crashing? Once the cause of your fear is determined, cognitive behaviour therapy can begin and you can start working to overcome your fears.

Where to Go for Help with Your Flying Phobia

Help, in the form of cognitive behaviour therapy, is available in a variety of places. There are online courses, courses held at local facilities, and even individual therapists or psychologists will offer help with flying phobias.
Don’t spend another moment stuck watching your friends and family travel the world. Start looking into getting help for your flying phobia and before you know it you will be flying all across the globe and experiencing the many amazing destinations the world has to offer.

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