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Visit Magnificent Montreux

Nestled on the northern side of the Alps is a picture-perfect city in Switzerland with lots to see and do. Discover why so many people from all over the world love travelling to beautiful, magnificent Montreux.

Photo by: Hans-Jürgen Schmidt

Why People Love Montreux

While there is certainly plenty to do in Montreux, the reason why so many people love visiting this city is to experience the legendary Lake Geneva. Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Western Europe and it is known for its beautiful, postcard quality scenic views.

When to Visit Montreux

There really isn’t a “bad” time to visit Montreux. The views are amazing all year round. However, if you want to get the full experience of visiting this city, we recommend that you visit in July. The skies are a beautiful blue, the mountain views are amazing, and there is plenty to see and do when you visit in July.

The Montreux Jazz Festival is an Absolute “Must Do” for Music Lovers

Beginning around the first of July and lasting almost three weeks, the city of Montreux hosts one of the world’s largest gatherings for music lovers. Festival attendees have the thrill of being able to see live performances from some of the world’s up-and-coming entertainers.

In addition to seeing performances from talented artists who are just starting out on the music scene, festival attendees also can attend concerts from well-known entertainers.  Entertainment legends like Janet Jackson, Elton John, ZZ Top, Sting, and Anita Baker have all performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Step into a Fairy Tale with a Visit to Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle looks like a castle straight out of a Disney movie or fantasy movie. The castle is situated right on Lake Geneva and has amazing mountain and lake views that will leave you speechless.

In addition to the amazing lake and mountain views, some of the other things you will see on your visit to Chillon Castle include:

  • Mysterious underground rooms that are almost as big as some of the cathedrals
  • Giant courtyards that were used by many people as a gathering place to sell food and other goods
  • Great Hall where huge banquets and dinners were held on a regular basis. Sometimes the Great Hall was even used as a courtroom for enemies that were captured
  • The chapel
  • Weapons room
  • Defence tower and other locations in the castle that were used to defend the castle from enemies

Other Things to do in Montreux

There is something for everyone in Montreux. Some of the other popular things to do in the city include:

  • Visiting the vineyards and enjoying samples of some of the world’s best wine
  • Dining at Restaurant du Pont where you can enjoy trying classic brasserie-style food
  • Walking around the streets of the city and enjoying the views of palace-like hotels, villas located along the lakefront, and beautiful gardens filled with colourful flowers

Add Montreux to your “must visit” bucket list today. We promise that no matter when you go you will create memories that last a lifetime.

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