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The Hyperloop Hotel

Elon Musk’s idea of a Hyperloop train, a sleek, stylish train that can travel long distances in half the time as traditional transportation, may sound like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie or some futuristic novel, but it is something that will be here sooner rather than later. Even though it hasn’t been built yet, the idea of a Hyperloop train is inspiring people to come up with creative ideas. Ideas that will change the way people live, work and travel.

One of the most creative and ambitious ideas is the Hyperloop Hotel.

While the Hyperloop Hotel is just a creative concept at the moment, there is no doubt that it could become a reality in the foreseeable future. To prepare you for what is in store for the future, we decided to take a closer look at this Hyperloop Hotel.

Hyperloop Transportation

Hyperloop Transportation                                     Photo credit: designmilk on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA 

An Innovative, Travelling Hotel

Right now, if you wish to travel from city to city across a country, there are a lot of time-consuming tasks involved. You have to check into a hotel, bring your bags up to the hotel room, unpack, head out to work or take part in sightseeing activities, check out and use trains, buses, planes, or cars to arrive at your next location. What if there was a way to eliminate a lot of those tasks?

That is exactly what the Hyperloop Hotel aims to accomplish. Instead of requiring you to engage in all those tasks, you simply choose a hotel, check in, unpack and the hotel will do the rest of the work for you.

Each of the modernistic hotel suites at the Hyperloop Hotel is designed as travelling pods. Once you get settled into the hotel suite, you won’t need to leave to travel from city to city. Instead, you will be able to designate a destination and your hotel suite will simply move from point A to point B. This will then eliminate the need to have to take a plane, bus, train, or car to another city.

Why People are Looking Forward to the Hyperloop Hotel

People are looking forward to the Hyperloop Hotel for a number of reasons which include:

  • Ability to quickly travel from one location to the other.
  • Eliminating the need to check in/out of a hotel room and allow people to spend time working while travelling without having to be interrupted to check in/out or head to the nearest bus/train to get to their next destination.
  • Travellers who are on holiday will have more time to sight-see, as they can get to locations faster.
  • Takes the aggravation of having to pack and unpack from hotel rooms. Travellers will only have to unpack once while they are on a business trip or while on holiday.

Currently, the technology to build a Hyperloop Hotel has not been invented yet, but it is only a matter of time before it is created. Once the technology exists for this type of hotel, the way you travel – whether for pleasure or business – will change forever.

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