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Need Some Travel Inspiration?

Needing a little travel inspiration?  Here are some of the world’s most magical places on earth.  They are so incredibly captivating that every traveller should witness them at least once in their lives.

Image by Bilal EL-Daou from Pixabay

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Located in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai was founded in the late 13th century and later would become the site of hundreds of sacred Buddhist temples.  Today the city is considered Thailand’s “spiritual centre”.  Travellers from all over the world explore its ancient ruins.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Situated in Cambodia’s northern province of Siem Reap.  The mysterious and beautiful ruins of the temple of Angkor Wat.  The architecture of the temple imitates a lotus bud.  This an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bagan, Myanmar

Standing in central Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is the ancient city of Bagan.  With more than 2,200 temples, stupas (dome-shaped Buddhist shrines) and pagodas which scan an area of approximately 26 square miles.  Visitors can explore this 1,000-year-old city.

Capri Island, Italy

Capri Island is found in the Bay of Naples.  Italy’s island of Capri is the yachting capital of the Mediterranean.  Aside from being a popular dock for wealthy travellers and the home of tangy limoncello liqueur, Capri is also home to the incredible Blue Grotto.  This a sapphire blue underwater cave that Emperor Tiberius reportedly used as his personal swimming hole.  Today, unfortunately, visitors are not allowed to swim in the grotto but can tour it by boat.

Cenote X’keken, Mexico

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is world-renowned for its ancient ruins and beaches.  Did you also know that it also hides almost 3,000 sinkholes known as cenotes, hiding pristine underground swimming pools?  One of the most popular of these sinkholes, Cenote X’Keken is filled with sapphire-blue water.

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