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Valencia – Where Modern Meets Medieval

Tourists all over the world love visiting Valencia because of its unique ability to be both modern and medieval. Depending upon where you are in the city, you can feel like you traveled back in time or that you are in some futuristic sci-fi novel. It is the ability to offer travelers the best of both worlds that make this Spanish city such a popular holiday destination.

Thinking of experiencing this amazing city for yourself? Take a look at some of the amazing things you can see and do when you travel to Valencia.

Photo by Tom Vanhoof on Unsplash

Fun and Exciting Things to Do in Valencia

By combining modern and medieval the city promises to offer something for everyone. The following is a look at some of the most popular sights in Valencia:

  • Stop and visit the rumored site of the Holy Grail – it is rumored that the Holy Grail is hidden in a cathedral that sits on the outskirts of Valencia’s historical core. Even if it isn’t officially confirmed that the Holy Grail is at this cathedral it is still worth your time to visit it. There are amazing murals, majestic city gates, and a beautifully designed cathedral that will simply amaze you.
  • Visit the Central Market – Want to see the modern side of Valencia? Visit the Central Market. The Central Market has sleek and stylishly designed buildings that show just how modern and up-to-date the city is. Make sure to plan on spending a lot of time at Central Market as there are over 10,000 vendors in the area selling everything from handmade crafts to tasty treats.
  • Take a Stroll down El Carmen – Strolling through El Carmen you will think that nothing has changed in centuries as the streets and alleys are filled with historical shops, eateries, and cafes.
  • Take a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Great Football Stadium – Some of football’s most talented players have taken the field at The Mestalla. The Mestalla is beloved by modern enthusiasts but it has a very old-world vibe to it. If you are unable to grab tickets to a game, you can always purchase tickets for a behind-the-scenes tour.
  • Visit the Bioparc – Think of the Bioparc as a modern zoo. Instead of cages, there are giant enclosures that look like animals’ real homes.

Plan on Going in March So You Can take Part in The Fallas

If all this talk of Valencia has you wanting to visit the city, we highly recommend going in March when you can take part in an amazing festival known as The Fallas.

Centuries ago, The Fallas was a spring-time celebration popular amongst the village guilds. All workers would take an evening off and burn papier-mâché or cardboard statues as a tribute to St. Joseph – who happens to be the patron saint of carpenters.

The Fallas has changed over the years and is now a gigantic street party that lasts for several days and nights. People from all over the world gather to enjoy amazing local dishes and treats, sing songs, drink, dance and have a wonderful time.

The Fallas takes place between 15 and 19 of March. If you want to really get a feel for the entire event, you will want to be there starting on 15 March. This is when the locals start building the giant statues that will be burned as part of the city celebrations.

In addition to the burning of the giant statues, there will be fireworks, dance contests, musical performances, parades, and tons of activities that occur throughout the entire week.

There are very few places in the world where the modern world meets the medieval world of the past. Valencia is one of those places. Plan on visiting it during your next holiday and we promise you will come home with memories that will last a lifetime!


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