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The Health Benefits of Mini-Breaks Rather Than Long Holidays

Research has shown the benefits of taking mini-breaks more frequent throughout the year, rather than taking long holidays can prove to be far more beneficial than you might think.

What are the Health Benefits of Short Breaks rather than longer holidays?

What are the Health Benefits of Short Breaks rather than longer holidays?

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Feel Healthier and Happier with Mini-Breaks rather than long holidays

Most people may think that taking a longer holiday will make them feel happier and more refreshed, but research shows that this is not the case. A study which was recently published in the Journal of Happiness Studies shows that people felt both physically and mentally better after just two days on holiday.

This means that you will probably feel the same whether you go on holiday for four long weeks or for a week.

Given that research suggests that it only takes two days to receive the mental and physical benefits of a holiday, why not take mini-breaks to dramatically improve your health. Mini-breaks allow you to take breaks several times throughout the year as opposed to just once. Taking several mini-breaks throughout the year will allow you to recharge every so often, as opposed to having to wait an entire year to recharge.

The Amazing Benefits of Mini-Breaks

Recharging several times a year isn’t the only benefit you will receive from taking a mini-break. Some of the benefits associated with mini-breaks for a holiday include:

  • Increased work productivity – people work better because they are healthier and happier.
  • Ability to see the world.
  • Ability to catch up on sleep throughout the year.
  • Greater emotional rewards – you feel happier throughout the year as you have a holiday to look forward to.
  • Helps avoid burn-out at work as you don’t come back to a massive pile of work which has accumulated over four weeks.

Start Planning Breaks Throughout the Year Right Now

Living in Australia, we have the opportunity to go on some amazing adventures. You can hop aboard a plane and fly off to various parts of Australia and Asia in just a few hours. Think of all the fun you could have while you receive the benefits that come with having a short holiday.

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