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Fly Business Class For Less With A Mixed-Class Airfare

Where you sit on the airplane could have a dramatic impact on how you feel when you arrive at your final destination. If you sit in economy, you may arrive feeling fatigued and cranky, but if you sit in business class, you are ready to take on the world as you feel refreshed and energised.

Unfortunately, business class tickets can be expensive, which makes them a luxury few can afford. Luckily, if you really want to sit in business class there is a travel industry trick you can use to lower the cost of your airline ticket.

We, at Ace Airport Parking, want you to have the most enjoyable trip possible, which is why we have decided to let you in on this travel industry secret. The following is a look at exactly how you can fly business class for less on your next international trip.

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Mixed-Class Airfare – The Secret to Flying Business Class for Less

The little-known secret to getting business class for less comes in the form of purchasing a mixed-class airfare ticket. Many people assume that you have to purchase either economy seats or business class seats for your entire trip, but when you purchase mixed-class airfare tickets, you get a combination of both.

Mixed-class airfare allows you to travel one part of a trip seated in one section of the plane and then when you have a layover you move to another section. This type of airfare is especially helpful if you are travelling internationally as you can sit for the longer flight in business class without having to pay for sitting in business class for the shorter portion.

Mixed-class airfare can be purchased through the airline upon request.

How Much Can You Save with Mixed-Class Airfare?

The amount of money you save will vary depending upon where you are going for your trip. In most cases, you can book a mixed-class ticket and save considerably. The price of the mixed-class ticket is almost half the price of an all business class ticket.

Of course, purchasing an all economy ticket would be the cheapest option, but then you wouldn’t be able to enjoy all the luxuries that come with business class. The ability to splurge a little and arrive refreshed at your final destination will make it worth the added expense of purchasing a mixed-class ticket.

Purchasing a mixed-class ticket and flying in business class will help you reduce stress while traveling, but there are other things you can do too. Using Ace Airport Parking’s Melbourne airport parking facility is one way to reduce stress.

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