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Rockin’ Morocco!

When planning your next international holiday you will notice that the same locations – England, United States, France, and the Philippines – keep popping up in your search. While these are great places to visit, not everyone wants to go to the most popular travel destinations. Some people want to be adventurous and explore new places.

If you are one of those people who want to journey to an adventurous location on their next holiday, consider travelling to Morocco!

Sahara Desert Morocco, Marrakech, Morocco by Yeo Khee on Unsplash

Why Visit Morocco?

Just like any place around the world, Morocco has so much to see and do. However, the reason why so many people love travelling there is that it has a very unique, distinctive feel that can’t be found anywhere else.

The minute you step foot in Morocco you know you have journeyed to a new and exciting place. It has an extremely different feel to it because the entire country is this unique blend of European, African, and Arab cultural elements. This unique blend of cultural elements allows you to explore new places, taste new foods, and really have an adventure of a lifetime.

Things to Do in Morocco #1: Visit Fes el-Bali

Plenty of cities will be listed as “must visit” in Morocco, but Fes el-Bali is really a must visit the location. In fact, almost everyone who has gone there has said the visit has changed their lives.

The Fes el-Bali is the oldest city in the country of Morocco and it is noticeable. The entire city has a very historic, unique feel to it.

Take a few days and just wander through the streets taking in the sights. Some of the favourite things to see in the area include the local artist exhibits, street vendors, beautiful gardens, community fountains, and mosques.

Things to Do in Morocco #2: Take a Trip to the Sahara Desert Dunes

If you have ever seen a movie that had a desert scene there is a good chance it was filmed in the Sahara Desert dunes. This is the quintessential desert experience as it has the gently rolling sand dunes, the ability to explore the area on camelback and just explore a very unique side of nature.

Things to Do in Morocco #3: Visit Marrakech

Just like Fes el-Bali this is a very unique city to visit. Here you will enjoy walking through the street vendors, exploring the large market area, and seeing some historical landmarks and monuments.

Marrakech is the place to go to try Moroccan cuisine. Some of the country’s best chefs have restaurants throughout the area and excel in the use of local produce and spices.

Other Things to Experience in Morocco

Other favourite things to do in Morocco include:

  • Shopping at the markets and cafes of the souk which is located in Jemaa el-Fnaa
  • Taking in a breathtaking sunrise over the desert sand dunes
  • Visit the Dades Valley
  • Enjoy a beach getaway with a stop in Essauira

Plan on travelling to Morocco on your next holiday and we are certain that when you arrive adventure will be waiting for you!

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