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Tips for Business Class Rookies

It has finally happened. After taking numerous trips and flying in economy, you have taken the plunge and purchased a business class ticket (Or you’ve struck it lucky and got a free upgrade).

Flying in business class is a completely different experience than flying in economy or even Premium Economy. Everything from how you go through customs to what happens on the plane will be different. Before you pack your bags and head out the door for your next trip, it is a good idea to prepare yourself for this new travel experience.

In an effort to prepare you for your next trip as you fly business class, we have gathered some helpful tips that will make it easier for you to travel.

Tips for Business Class Rookies

Tips for Business Class Rookies                                                                 Photo credit: Roderick Eime  / Flickr

Enjoy the Ability to Use Express Check-In and Receive Express Customs Pass

When you travel on a business class ticket, you will notice that the lines are shorter. Whether you are standing in line to check-in or waiting to get through customs, all of these lines are shorter.

The lines are shorter because you are granted the ability to use express check-in. Express check-in is a privilege reserved for Premium Economy, business class travellers, and first class travellers, only. This means the lines are considerably shorter because you won’t be standing around with everyone else who purchased an economy ticket.

In addition to a faster check-in, you will be given an express entry card. This card is used when you go through customs. It will drastically reduce your wait time.

Don’t Spend Money at Airport Restaurants, Use the Business Lounge

Access to the business lounge is the biggest perk you will receive when you travel business class. Make sure you use it!

Business lounges will vary depending upon the airline you are travelling, but they typically allow you to receive free drinks, snacks, and even meals. Using the business lounge, you will be able to skip the lines at airport restaurants and enjoy amazing meals all in the comfort of a private lounge.

Use Your Pre-Flight Amenities

The minute you step foot on the plane, you will notice a completely different setting than when you travelled in economy. Your seat will include a newspaper, sleep mask, blanket and pillow. Everything you need to keep you comfortable while flying.

In addition to these amenities, there will also be snacks and drinks waiting as you board. These pre-flight amenities are a great way to start a long haul flight, as you will be hydrated and comfortable long before the plane leaves the gate.

Business Lounge ‘Secret’ Amenities

No one likes walking off a plane looking like they have just spent eight hours cramped in a small space. That is where the secret amenities of your business lounge can come in handy. Some secret amenities that might be available at your business lounge include showers, laundry services, and massages.

Make sure you use these tips next time you plan on flying and you have purchased a business class ticket. You will be surprised by the world of difference flying business class.

Mixed-Class Airfares

A little-known travel secret will get you up in the pointy end of the plane for a fraction of the full business class airfare.  Mixed class airfares are combinations of airline classes which allow you to travel in different classes for each stage of your flight leg, for example, First Class and Business Class or Business Class and Economy Class.

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