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Qantas Awarded ‘Safest Airline’ for 2019

No longer will you have to guess which airline is the safest to fly on when booking tickets for your next business trip or holiday. Recently, announced that for 2019, Qantas was the world’s safest airline. Discover how determined who the safest airline was and see who the other competitors were for this award.

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Who Gave the Award? is a website dedicated to providing consumers with accurate safety information on the airline industry. The website provides comprehensive reviews and information that help consumers better educate themselves about the safety of the airline industry.

How was the Safest Airline Determined? didn’t just pick an airline and determine it to be the safest. They looked at a number of things that helped them assess the safety of the airline.

Some of the things that were looked at include:

  • Audits – reports were pulled from aviation governing bodies, industry bodies, and governments
  • Airline crash reports
  • Airline serious incident records
  • Profitability
  • Safety initiatives
  • Age of the fleet of planes

Why Qantas was Awarded the Safest Airline

Qantas, the world’s oldest continuously operating carrier, has done several things to earn the safest airline award. Some of the innovations and best practices that the Australian flag-carrier has adopted helped it achieve top marks across several categories, including:

  • Developed a data recorder that helps monitor and track crew and plane performance
  • Use of a new navigation system that helps with automatic landings and helps guide around mountains
  • Use of real-time monitoring of the fleet of planes – this helps the airline determine if there could be a potential problem. If a problem is discovered, the airline can quickly fix it.

Who was the Competition for This Award?

Almost all airlines were looked at for this award. The website,, closely looked at information for over 405 airlines. These airlines operate all over the world.

Even though the other airlines didn’t win the official title of ‘Safest Airline in the World’, there are some airlines that were acknowledged in Top 20 Safest Airlines. Some of the airlines that made it in the top 20 include Qatar, British Airways, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Group Australia. All the top contenders for the award were acknowledged for their commitment to furthering airline safety, whether through innovation or by purchasing only the most advanced passenger jets, and it is this tough competition that makes Qantas’s win all the more satisfying. Next time you are planning on booking a flight, consider booking with Qantas or one of the other airlines listed in the Top 20. You know you will be flying on one of the safest airlines in the entire world. If you want to leave your car with an award-winning company, leave it with Ace Airport Parking! We have been awarded the Word of Mouth Service Award annually since 2012, thanks to our exceptional customer service, 24/7 monitored security car parks, hassle-free airport parking, and a range of fantastic deals on Melbourne airport short and long-term car parking.

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