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Earn Extra Qantas Points Without Leaving the Ground

Gone are the days when you were only able to earn frequent flyer points by booking a flight.  In a desperate attempt to gain loyal customers, airlines are now creating new and innovative frequent flyer programs which allow people to earn extra Qantas points without leaving the ground.

Qantas Assure Program

Qantas Assure Program                                                                                                                                                                     Photo credit: lkarasawa on /CC BY

What is the Qantas Assure Program?

Qantas Assure is an innovative, unique program which provides rewards to individuals who are trying to improve their health and fitness. This program is designed to provide frequent flyer points which can be used on Qantas Airlines. Points are awarded for participating in everything from walking to cycling and healthy eating.

How Does the Qantas Assure Program Work for Earning Frequent Flyer Points?

It is an easy, straightforward process involved with earning frequent flyer points with Qantas Assure. All you have to do is the following:

  • Have a current health insurance through Qantas Assure.
  • Create a frequent flyer account with Qantas Airlines.
  • Download the Qantas Assure app.
  • Use a fitness tracker.

Currently, the program is only available to individuals who have health insurance with Qantas Assure. Individuals who are not insured with Qantas Assure can take part in the fun health and fitness challenges, but they will not earn frequent flyer points.

Who can Earn Frequent Flyer Points with the Qantas Assure App?

The people who can earn frequent flyer points will depend on what type of insurance policy they currently have with Qantas Assure. If you have an individual policy, only the individual insured can earn points. If, however, you have a family policy, then the whole family can earn points by taking part in the various activities.

What Activities can be used to Earn Points with the Qantas Assure App?

The entire goal of the Qantas Assure App is to help people lead healthier and happier lives. All the activities that are used to help people earn Qantas Points are designed to help improve either their general health or fitness.

Examples of ways people can earn Qantas Points include:

  • Completing challenges – the Qantas Assure App will provide daily, weekly and monthly challenges. If you complete the challenge, you can be rewarded with extra points. Challenges can be anything from walking X steps to cycling.
  • Cycling – Cycling is a great way to improve the cardiovascular system, strengthen your lungs, make you feel healthier and more energised. Cycling can also help you earn Qantas Points. The Qantas Assure App can provide Qantas Points for people who complete their weekly cycling goal.
  • Sports activities – Qantas Points can be earned for every sport your child participates in, but the points are limited. You can earn up to 1,000 points per child, per sport for up to a year. There is a maximum of two sports per child.
  • Eating healthy – Qantas Assure has partnered with a local company that delivers healthy and fresh meals straight to your home. If you have meals delivered through HelloFresh, you can earn additional frequent flyer points.
  • Walking – Walking is the easiest way to earn frequent flyer points through the Qantas Assure App. You set up a goal, such as walking X amount of steps per week. If you complete that goal, you earn additional frequent flyer points. The best part, whether it is while you are walking the dog or shopping, count for this activity.

Frequent flyer points can help you save money when booking a flight. Simply download the Qantas Assure App today and start earning extra frequent flyer points for engaging in activities which will help improve your health!

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