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The Tourist Refund Scheme Explained

Under the Tourist Refund Scheme, sometimes referred to as the TRS), all overseas travellers and Australian residents may be able to receive a refund if you paid a goods and service tax (GST) or a wine equalisation tax (WET). This tax is applied to certain goods that have been purchased within Australia.

A refund under the Tourist Refund Scheme may be claimed, but only if certain criteria are met and a very specific claims process is followed. Ace Airport Parking wants to help travellers with the refund claim process, which is why we have created a basic guide you can use.

Who can Claim a Refund Under the Tourist Refund Scheme?

The Tourist Refund Scheme can be used by any overseas traveller or Australian resident who has purchased goods and paid either a GST or WET. The only individuals who cannot claim a refund under the TRS are people who are classified as operating aircrew.

What Criteria Qualifies Me for a Refund Under the Tourist Refund Scheme?

Just purchasing items and paying a tax is not enough to receive a refund. Very specific criteria must be met in order to qualify you for a refund with the TRS.

In order to receive a refund you must meet the following criteria:

  • Completed a purchase of $300 or more at a single establishment (this amount includes any GST paid)
  • Items must have been purchased no later than 60 days before your scheduled departure from Australia
  • Goods purchased must be brought onto the plane as part of a carry-on or hand luggage (exceptions are made for items that are oversized or liquids)
  • Items must be presented to the official at the TRS facility when making the claim
  • All goods must have been purchased by the individual making the claim for a refund
  • An original tax invoice must accompany the goods that are purchased

Where to Go to Make a Claim

When making a TRS claim, you will need to go directly to the TRS office. This is located on the Departures Level within the airport. The office can be found right after Customs and is located in what is known as the main MEL Airport Tax & Duty Free store.

Claims must be made in an appropriate amount of time before scheduled departure. The appropriate time is any time up to 30 minutes before your scheduled departure. Failure to follow this requirement will result in your claim being denied.

Make the Claims Process Easier with the Web or Mobile App

The Customers and Border Protection mobile app makes the claims process easier. All you have to do is enter all your information (such as travel details, the goods you purchased, when they were purchased, how much) into the app. A code will be created for you. You will show the code, as well as your tax invoices and goods, at the TRS office. This will speed up the process considerably.

Give yourself enough time to go through the entire process required to claim a refund by using Ace Airport Parking’s Melbourne airport parking facility. Drive yourself to our Melbourne airport car parking facility on your own schedule, self-park, and make your way to the airport using our complimentary shuttle service. This will allow you to have enough time to complete the immigration process, go through the TRS claims process, and make your flight.

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