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Ugly Cities But Well Worth Travelling To

Some cities may not have the resources for architectural beauty.  Or may not be blessed with aesthetically pleasing locations but they still manage to pull tourists.

Ugly Cities But Well Worth Travelling To

Photo by Eddy Billard on Unsplash

Ulaanbaatar – Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar is the Mongolian capital and has been said to be the fourth most polluted and coldest capital city in the world.  It consists of shocking roads, unattractive apartment blocks with smog hanging over the whole city.  Still, Ulaanbaatar will give you access to Mongolia which is one of the most beautiful destinations.

Colombo – Sri Lanka

Colombo has been described as a chaotic and shabby which definitely does not have the history nor the charm of Galle.  It does, however, have fabulous food and is buzzing with its strong culture, street eats and seafood.

Cairo – Egypt

Cairo is indeed a chaotic and polluted city but holds some of the world’s richest treasures.  Its culture is thousands of years old and the jewel in the city’s crown, the Pyramids of Giza has now been enveloped by its urban sprawl.  Cairo though does have its own charm and has energy which certainly seems endless.

Berlin – Germany

This city is a creative, open-minded, artistic and musically aware place with loads of personality is easy going, accepting, unpretentious and yet very cool.

Sao Paulo – Brazil

It certainly is less attractive from the coastal city of Rio de Janeiro.  The city comprises a sprawl of apartment blocks and office buildings which is choked with traffic and smog.  Certainly, no visitor would come for its scenery.  They come to find people who are friendly and warm and for the world-class dining scene.  This truly is a multicultural city with plenty of bars and clubs.

When you book your next holiday will you consider a place with more personality rather than just being attractive?

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