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Movies That Inspire You To Travel

There are dozens of Hollywood movies that feature beautiful scenes from all over the world. While you may feel as if you are actually at these exotic locations while watching the movie, nothing can compare to actually being there in person.

Many people use movies almost as a travel guide. They watch a movie, get inspired, and jet set off to a new exotic location for a wonderful holiday getaway.

If you want to get started on that long haul flight to exotic locations based on the movies you watch, then you are looking at the right place. We have picked a few of our favourite movies that feature fun, exotic travel locations from all over the world.

Catch Me If You Can - Movies that inspire travel

Catch Me If You Can –  Photo credit: DREAMWORKS

Hopefully, these movies will serve as inspiration as you plan your next holiday getaway!

500 Days of Summer

A movie doesn’t have to be about travelling to inspire you to want to visit a certain city or location. The movie 500 Days of Summer is an example of this type of movie. It isn’t about traveling, but anyone who watches it will be inspired to visit some of the locations shown throughout the film.

500 days of Summer has some gorgeous scenes that highlight the best of Los Angeles. The best part of watching this movie is it doesn’t highlight the well-known parts of Los Angeles. It highlights those little-known areas that locals love! Visit some of the locations in this movie and you will feel like a local.

Eat Pray Love

If you want a movie that will inspire you to visit several locations across the globe, then Eat Pray Love is your film of choice!

This movie features beautiful scenes from all types of locations. Favourite scenes from Eat Pray Love include eating multiple meals and delicious dishes in Italy, going on a praying retreat in India, and exploring Bali.
Watching this movie you will not only get to see some beautiful exotic locations, but you will get a small sample of watch favourite activities can be enjoyed there.

Lost in Translation

Not every movie that inspires travel has to be about European locations. Some movies will inspire you to travel to parts of Asia. Lost in Translation is a funny, yet thoughtful comedy that will make you want to travel to Japan.

This movie features wonderful, awe-inspiring scenes that take place right in downtown Tokyo. Watch this movie just one time and you will be booking your trip to Japan so you can walk amongst the bright lights and bustling crowds of downtown Tokyo!

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