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5 Reasons to Use Ace Airport Parking

Let’s be honest. Airport Parking can be a nightmare, but really what option do you have where to park your car? The answer to that question is off-site parking provided by Ace Airport Parking!

Many travellers are set in their ways and think the only way to park at the airport is parking at the terminal or in the long-term car park on-site. While this is an option, it isn’t always in your best interest to park in this type of area. It is expensive, time-consuming, and you don’t really know who is keeping an eye on your car while you aren’t around. That is why off-site Melbourne airport parking at Ace Airport Parking is a great idea.

Undercover Valet Airport Parking option

Undercover Valet Airport Parking

Wondering why Ace Airport Parking is so popular with local travellers in and around Melbourne? Here is a look at five reasons why this type of parking is so popular.

Safe and Secure

Travellers want to know that their vehicles are safe and secure when they’re travelling. Some operators have security on-site, but only during business hours. This type of setup is perfect for thieves and vandals because it provides them with a window of opportunity to rummage through your car or even steal it.

Off-site parking at Ace Airport Parking is safe and secure. There are over 120 CCTV cameras that cover every aspect of the car park which are monitored 24/7 by our friendly team.

Park and Go Option

It is a real hassle to park your car on-site at Melbourne Airport. You have to find a spot, remember where you parked it, then hope you won’t have to take out a second mortgage to collect your car on return. Even the long-term parking at Melbourne airport can see you driving to the farthest end to find a parking spot and you feel like you’re almost half way home the place is so big, then you have to wait for the bus and it stops at every stop on the way.

Ace Airport Parking allows you to self-park, which means you can just park and go. No need to have to spend precious time searching for a spot, just pull in and go. In addition, with our online booking system, there’s no need to take the chance on there being a spare parking spot when you show up and you’ll know exactly how much you are paying in advance. No little surprises.

Undercover Airport Parking option

Convenient and Secure Undercover Parking

Perks for Parking

There is such a thing as FREE Airport Parking. Who doesn’t love getting something for nothing. At Ace Airport Parking they reward loyalty with perks on parking and even car washes. The more points you earn, the more services you can access for free or at discounted rates!

The Ability to Focus on Your Upcoming Trip

Why spend all your time worrying about trivial things, such as parking and the safety of your car? When you use off-site Melbourne airport parking, you can focus just on your upcoming trip. There is no need to have to stress out or worry about the small stuff!

Convenient Airport Location

The term ‘off-site’ parking may be a bit misleading. Ace Airport Parking is a mere eight minutes to the airport, which allows you to arrive at the terminal in double-quick time. There is an on-demand airport shuttle waiting, so all you will need to do is toss your bags in the back and you’ll be taken to the airport.

When it comes to convenient Melbourne airport parking, consider using Ace Airport Parking. You will be surprised just how stress-free your trip will be when you don’t have to worry about parking your car! For further information, or to make a booking, contact Ace Airport Parking today.

Who is Ace?

Ace Airport Parking is passionate about offering fantastic customer service, convenience and security at Melbourne Airport, whilst giving back to our community.

Ace for Business

Any company with staff who travel frequently will benefit from our secure, convenient and cost-effective corporate parking.

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