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How To Spend Your Flight Delay In The Airport

Oh no! It is every traveller’s worst nightmare – a delayed flight. Just seeing the dreaded words – delayed – upon the arrival/departure boards is enough to change a good travel day into one that is filled with stress, frustration, and aggravation.

Now, instead of flying happily on your way to your final destination, you are stuck in some random airport in another city with nothing to do. Before you resign yourself to sitting around an airport, bored out of your mind, why not try something a little different.

How To Spend Your Flight Delay In The Airport

How To Spend Your Flight Delay In The Airport                                  Photo credit: @Whale / unsplash

We, at Ace Airport Parking, have faced our fair share of delayed flights. We have found that delayed flights don’t have to be so frustrating, but you have to know how to handle them. The following are some helpful suggestions for how you could spend your time at an airport while you wait for your delayed flight to be rescheduled.

Explore New Restaurants

Restaurants are one of the unique features of an airport. They often provide a representation of local cuisine. Unfortunately, travellers are often so busy trying to get to their flight they tend to miss out on these wonderful restaurants. This is where a delayed flight can come in handy.

Delayed flights present you with the time needed to explore local restaurants that can be found throughout the airport. The minute you notice your flight is delayed, head to the nearest kiosk or map and start exploring. You might be surprised at what types of restaurants and food you will find in the airport!

Dubai airport layover tours

Dubai airport layover tours

Explore the City

Some international airports around the world offer  sightseeing tours for those with delayed flights, in transit or long layovers.  Singapore is one such airport that offers free tours to see the sights, sounds and colours of the city with two exceptional tours available; ‘Heritage Tour’ and ‘City Lights Tour’.  There are plenty of quick and easy tours you can take straight from the airport, but you will need what is called a ‘transit visa’ to leave the international airport, so plan ahead and discover some of the magical places along your travels.

Live like Royalty in an Exclusive Lounge

Many airlines have exclusive lounges that are available only to frequent flyers. These lounges are filled with everything from complimentary buffets and drinks, to recliners and soft, cushy chairs. In fact, everything in the lounge is there for one thing and one thing only – your comfort.

If you aren’t a frequent flyer, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the comforts of this exclusive lounge and feel like you’re travelling like a pro. Some airlines will sell a day pass to these lounges. Purchase one and enjoy the luxuries of the lounge while you wait for your delayed flight. Trust us, you will enjoy it!

Catch Up on a Good Book or Binge Watch a Favourite TV Show

There never seems to be enough time in the day to read everything you want to or watch your favourite TV show. A delayed flight allows you to do just that and not feel guilty about taking time for yourself.

Find a comfy, quiet corner of the airport. Sit back, relax and read or watch your favourite TV show. You will be surprised at just how fast time flies when you are doing this.

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