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Experience a Magical Holiday with Santa this Christmas!

For Australians, Christmas isn’t filled with cold snowflakes falling and sleigh riding. It is filled with surfing, warm sunny days at the beach, a Christmas BBQ lunch and other summertime activities, but it doesn’t have to be.

This year instead of staying at home or visiting an interstate location for Christmas consider going on a magical holiday getaway to Lapland, Finland.

Lapland - Finland

Lapland – Finland                                                                                                       Photo credits: Markus Trienke

A True Winter Wonderland

Lapland is a true winter wonderland. The entire area transforms from a remote city in Finland to a magical Christmas village filled with fun, unique activities that will appeal to children of all ages from 2 to 102!

Visit the Real Santa in Lapland

When you experience Christmas in Australia, Santa may be at the local mall or retail store. He may even be on the beach or at a local restaurant, but we all know those are just Santa’s “helpers”. The real Santa can be found in Lapland.

How do we know it is the real Santa? This Santa can speak over 20 different languages, has his own village filled with a toy shop and there is even a post office where he gets mail from all over the world.

Experience the Thrill of Dogsledding

Dogsledding is a unique wintertime activity that is enjoyed by people in the coldest parts of the world. Your visit to Lapland provides you with the unique opportunity to experience the thrills of going dogsledding.

Lapland has several experienced tour companies that offer dogsledding tours. These companies will provide you with everything from the Huskies to pull the sledge to the snowsuits, guide and sledge.

Snowmobile Through a Magical Winter Forest

Dogsledding is fun and extremely thrilling but if you are looking for an adrenaline rush go snowmobiling through a magical winter forest in Lapland. Tour companies offer night-time snowmobile tours that will take you through the thick forests of Finland. Just like with the dogsledding, these companies will provide you with all the equipment you need and will even take you on a guided tour.

Other Fun Winter Activities to Take Part in When Visiting Lapland

In addition to dogsledding, visiting Santa and snowmobiling, there are other family-friendly activities you can take part in when visiting Lapland. Some of the other activities which you can do while visiting Lapland for Christmas include:

  • Visiting the reindeer barn;
  • Going on a sleigh ride with reindeer;
  • Exploring the forest and looking for Santa’s hidden Igloos;
  • Tobogganing;
  • Snow hockey; and
  • Ice fishing.

Planning Your Trip to Lapland

You have two options when it comes to your Lapland holiday. You can create your own adventure and plan everything out yourself or you can use a tour company. Several tour companies will do everything for you from booking plane tickets and reserving your hotel or cabin to making arrangements so you can take part in special activities or visit with Santa.

Christmas is a time to make memories that will last a lifetime. This year, or maybe next year, make some wonderful magical memories with your family and visit Lapland, Finland for Christmas. It is an experience that you won’t ever forget!

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