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Best Places in the World to Spend Halloween

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

There are only so many local haunted houses and parties you can attend before you start to get bored with Halloween. If the thrill of Halloween is starting to fade, it may be time to visit an international haunted landmark.

All over the world there are dozens of haunted landmarks and attractions. Sure, you can visit these attractions at any time of the year, but they have an extremely spooky feel to them when you visit them around Halloween.

Looking to make Halloween scary again? Consider visiting these attractions and landmarks on Halloween!

Take Part in the Samhuinn Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is probably one of the spookiest, most haunted cities in the entire world. The entire city embraces its spooky side when Halloween rolls around. They throw open the doors of old dungeons and castles allowing people to tour them. They have a huge fire festival that is extremely memorable and there are even cemetery tours and haunted castle tours.

Take a Trip to a Witch’s House in Salem, Massachusetts

When people think of Halloween they think of ghosts and vampires, but witches can be extremely scary which is why you need to stop in Salem, Massachusetts. It was once thought that witches used to gather in Salem to practice their craft. People were so convinced this happened that they actually hosted witch hunts and witch trials to capture the witches – or at least people they thought were witches – and kill them.

The spirits of those that were killed during the witch trials are said to haunt the city especially around Halloween. If you truly wish to embrace the Halloween holiday, consider visiting Salem where you can take part in recreation of the witch trials, tour old haunted witch houses, and even attend a psychic or magic festival.

Challenge Yourself to Sleep in Dracula’s Castle

Take the ultimate challenge and plan on spending a night in Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania, Romania. It sounds easy, but when the sun sets and the lights are turned off the ghosts come out. In fact, many people have tried to spend the night in the castle, but have found it too spooky and had to leave before morning checkout.

Of course if you aren’t up to the challenge, you can still enjoy a trip to Transylvania. The entire city has a very gothic, spooky vibe to it. Just walking around during the day can give you the creeps.

Other favourite places to visit for Halloween include:

  • London, England – this is for the individual who wants to enjoy a modern city, but still wants a spooky experience for Halloween
  • New Orleans, Louisiana – visit the voodoo shops in the French Quarter for a real scare
  • Patzcuar, Michoacan, Mexico – take part in the Day of the Dead celebrations
  • Ireland – take part in a medieval Halloween festival known as Samhain Night
  • Long Beach, California

Some of these destinations might not be places you can go to this year, but that just means you can start planning for a haunted holiday for next year!

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