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Dream Destinations to Spend New Year’s Eve

We tend to be creatures of habit when it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve. Every year, we do the same thing over and over again. This year, or perhaps if you are an early planner next year, change things up and consider hopping aboard a plane and flying off to some wonderful and remote destination where you can take part in some memorable New Year’s Eve celebrations.

To help you with your planning, we have picked several destinations that we believe would fun to visit for New Year’s Eve. Each of these locations not only has a lot of local attractions, restaurants and landmarks, but they have special New Year’s Eve celebrations, festivities and events.

New York - Times Square - New Year's Eve

New York – Times Square – New Year’s Eve                         Photo credit: Anthony Quintano on Visual HuntCC BY        

Travel to the Big Apple – New York City, New York

For those that don’t mind crowds, New York City is the place to go for New Year’s Eve. But be prepared, when we say crowds, we are talking huge crowds with millions of people.

If you are brave enough to face the crowds, you will be guaranteed to have a blast in New York City on New Year’s Eve. The streets are packed with millions of people celebrating the start of the New Year, celebrities take to the stages and perform for the crowds and the evening ends with a giant crystal ball that drops at midnight and spectacular nighttime fireworks show.

Make it an All Night Celebration in London

London may have smaller crowds than New York City, but their New Year’s Eve celebrations last all evening and well into the next day. If you don’t mind staying up and partying the night away, this is your dream destination for New Year’s Eve.

A New Year’s Eve celebration in London usually starts with some partying in the clubs or pubs before midnight. Around midnight, small crowds gather around the banks of the Thames and prepare to watch a breath-taking and amazing light show and fireworks display that takes place with Big Ben, The London Eye and other landmarks in the background.

After the fireworks show, people head out to take part in one of the many after-party parties. Partying continues all the way until the next morning when there is a giant New Year’s Parade that features hundreds of bands, floats and other participants.

Bring in the New Year on a Remote Island – Jost Van Dyke

For 2 days, Jost Van Dyke, a tiny island in the British Virgin Isles, turns into party central. People from all over the world come to this beautiful remote island to celebrate the start of the New Year.

When you celebrate New Year’s Eve on Jost Van Dyke, be prepared for two full days of partying. There will be non-stop music, street parades, musical performances from local musicians, the sampling of local foods, beers and other treats.

People get into such a party mood that they don’t want to leave the party. While celebrating the New Year, it is not uncommon to see people camping out right on the beautiful sandy beaches so they can quickly get back to the party.

Other Dream Destinations for New Year’s Eve

There are so many places that offer amazing New Year’s Eve celebrations that it is impossible to name them all. Some of the other places you may want to consider visiting for New Year’s Eve include:

  • Paris
  • Amsterdam
  • Las Vegas
  • Berlin
  • Bangkok
  • Oahu

Be adventurous this New Year’s Eve and take a trip to some of these amazing places. It will be an experience that you won’t forget!

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