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Is This the New Golden Age of Air Travel?

For decades, it seemed like the air travel industry was reluctant to change. Everything from the cramped and uncomfortable seats to the food served on planes was the same thing year after year. It was like the #airtravel industry was living by the motto “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. That was until recently.

Over the past few years, a lot has changed in the #airline industry, but is it enough to bring back the Golden Age of air travel? It just might be.

We will take a look at the evolution of the air travel industry and why it might be the best time to fly.

Is This the New Golden Age of Air Travel?

Is This the New Golden Age of Air Travel?                                                Photo credit: ThePixelman –

Airlines are Moving Towards Larger, More Comfortable Seats

Airlines would pack people into a plane like canned sardines. They did this because the more people they could get on the plane, the more profit they would make. Unfortunately, this forced people to sit in cramped, uncomfortable seats.

This obviously created a less than enjoyable travel experience. In an effort to avoid having to sit practically on top of a stranger, many people avoided travelling by plane and stayed closer to home. That forced the airlines to make changes.

With the advent of larger, more technologically advanced jetliners, airlines started to change to larger, more comfortable seats. Travellers still have to share elbow room on the armrest in economy, but at least the seats are ergonomically designed with decent recline and comfortable padding.

Another issue which has been alleviated is cramped leg space. Airlines now position seating rows to allow greater legroom, removing the experience of travelling to your destination in a foetal position!

The Opportunity to Purchase and Use Luxury Amenities

Some airlines are practically turning their planes into flying spas and resorts. Travellers have the opportunity to do everything from taking showers, receiving a massage, to order drinks at the bar and watch the latest movies from digital catalogues of hundreds of titles.

Tasteless Airline Food is a Thing of the Past

The way airline food tasted has always been one of the biggest complaints amongst travellers. It seems like airlines listened and are making changes to the food that is served.

Airline food has come a long way. Some airlines are partnering with well-known chefs and creating unique, travel-friendly food. Others are starting to offer travellers the option to purchase freshly made food during the flight.

It is Cheaper to Fly Than in the Past

Airline tickets were expensive and often only for the well-to-do. In fact, people who were planning holidays often noticed that the vast majority of their holiday budget was spent on airline tickets, as opposed to other things like hotels, food, shopping or entertainment.

Tickets were expensive because the price of jet fuel was so high. In order for airlines to make a profit, they had to increase the price of tickets as they were spending more on jet fuel and it was cutting into their profits. That is changing.

The price of jet fuel has dramatically decreased over the years. Cheaper jet fuel has resulted in many airlines lowering the price of their tickets. It has even started a new trend – discount airlines. Discount airlines allow travellers to travel at a fraction of the cost.

It may be still too early to tell if a new Golden Age of air travel is upon us. However, if these are just some of the changes we have seen so far, we can’t wait to see what other new and exciting advancements the future holds.

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