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The Best Sydney Beaches for Kids

With the sights and surf of Sydney still an incredible drawcard for families and couples alike, we thought we’d explore some of Sydney’s many beaches that are perfect for lazing away a warm day in the sun.

If you have decided to spend a break jet setting off to one of Sydney’s many beaches, we have a number of recommendations for you. The following are some of the ‘can’t miss’ family-friendly beaches located in and around Sydney.

The Best Sydney Beaches for Kids

The Best Sydney Beaches for Kids                                                                              Photo credit: pexels

Bondi Beach

The world-famous Bondi Beach is ideal for families, especially those with little ones who may not be able to enjoy the rough and tumble of the wild ocean. While this beach has the typical beach activities, such as sunbathing, wind surfing, and surfing, it also has something for the younger members of the family – a children’s pool and playground.

This family-friendly beach has a children’s wading pool where the children can go and gather. The best part of this pool is that it is safe and away from the dangers of the ocean. Children will get to enjoy a day in the sun, while parents won’t have to worry about them getting lost in the crowds or being knocked down by a giant wave.

Bronte Beach

One of the biggest concerns parents have when taking children to the beach is the surf. If it gets too rough, children have a tough time enjoying themselves and parents will worry. Surf is a concern at Bronte Beach, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid the experience. With Both Bondi and Bronte Beaches having lifeguards on duty

Travel to this beach and head towards the southern end. Here you will find a rock pools, secluded coves, and a park, all off the beaten path. These places are great for the children and since they aren’t right on the beach, there are fewer crowds!

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Consider a Fee Beach When Visiting Sydney

Sydney has two types of beaches – public and private beaches. Public beaches are more popular because it costs you nothing to go there, but saving money comes with a drawback – crowds. These beaches can get extremely busy, especially during school break season.

An alternative to busy public beaches is the opportunity to go to a private beach. You will pay a small entry fee, but there are often fewer people. This allows you to enjoy your time and not have to fight for a spot on the beach.

Some of the best fee beaches in Sydney include:

  • Greenwich Baths
  • Dawn Fraser Baths

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