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3 Unknown Airline Rules That Could Save Your Butt At The Airport

These 3 Unknown Airline Rules that could save your butt at the airport.  These 3 golden rules should be in every Travel Bible.

Though airlines tend to get a lot of flack, most airlines are pretty accommodating to most passengers who find themselves in a tight spot.

Some of these rules are more “unofficial” policy, rather than “official”, but with a smile and a calm voice, it’s possible to persuade an airline to bend their rules.  Most of the time, its a matter of being proactive and knowing which airline rules could save your butt.  Most airline staff won’t knowingly bring them up, lest passengers start using and abusing these policies.

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The Flat tire rule

The “flat tire rule”, as it is known, gives check-in staff flexibility to accommodate passengers who miss their flight because, well, maybe, they got a flat tire on the way to the airport.

Realise that it doesn’t actually need to be a flat tire, nor does it require documentation.  It’s supposed to account for any traffic and road issues that passengers might encounter – most airlines realise that “sh*t happens”.

Keep in mind that this is more as an “unofficial” policy rather than an “official” policy.  It’s a good idea to contact the airline immediately as soon as you know that you will be delayed.

The Trip-in-vain rule

The “trip-in-vain rule” is when something happens to the flight that’s within the airline’s control and a passenger misses the entire purpose of their trip.  The airline is entitled to compensate the passenger or provide an alternative solution.

This can easily be applied to a business or personal trip.  For instance, if you are going to attend a conference, but the plane gets delayed and there’s a mechanical issue. You miss the conference – then, under this rule, there is no longer any point going on this trip.  By the time you would eventually arrive at your destination, the conference will be over.

This could also be applied to a personal trip or event, though it would depend on the severity of the situation.

The most direct routeing rule

If an airline has some sort of issue, especially if it’s a mechanical issue and decides to re-route a passenger through a series of hubs, instead of playing musical chairs. Each traveller is entitled to ask an airline for the most direct routeing.  Most airlines won’t necessarily volunteer this information.



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