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Melbourne International Airport Passenger Numbers

Many people have speculated over the past few months that the number of people travelling in and out of Melbourne International Airport has increased, and recently released data supports the theory.

Recently the passenger numbers for January and February 2016 were released and the data is astounding. It indicates that there is indeed an increase in the number of passengers using Melbourne International Airport as part of their holiday travels.

Melbourne International Airport Passenger Numbers

Melbourne International Airport Passenger Numbers                            Photo credit: joiseyshowaa / Flickr

A Dramatic Increase in International Passengers

Once the data was released, it showed that both the months of January and February saw a significant increase in international travellers. January saw an increase of 10.5%, while February saw an increase of 11%.

A 10.5% increase may not seem like a lot, but it accounts for close to 100,000 additional people travelling into and out of the airport on a monthly basis. In 2015, approximately 793,322 international passengers use Melbourne International Airport. That number is forecast to increase in 2016 to 876,980.

When it comes to International Travellers China Saw the Biggest Increase

One of the statistics tracked is the number of people who come into and out of Melbourne International Airport from other countries. During the months of January and February, the airport saw travellers from Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Germany, Sweden, United States, and Canada, but one country saw a huge increase in travellers.

China had the biggest number of international travellers for both months. It is believed that 34.9% of the international travellers for both months were Chinese passport holders. That number is almost 15% higher than other years.

Domestic Travel Still Saw an Increase in January and February

Most of the focus of the data released was international travel because that saw the biggest increase, but that doesn’t mean domestic travel didn’t see any growth. In fact, there was a higher than expected number of domestic travellers.

Melbourne International Airport had almost 2 million domestic travellers for both January and February. That is a 4.5% increase.

The increase in domestic travellers is surprising because many people assumed that domestic travel would slow down, as more people try to stay closer to home during the holidays.

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