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The Essential Pre-Holiday Checklist

It takes just one problem to ruin an entire holiday. While there are some situations and problems, such as weather and unexpected layovers, that cannot be prevented, some can be avoided. But do you have everything you need? Have you got a Holiday Checklist?

Ace Airport Parking wants you to have the best, most enjoyable experience when it comes to travelling on holiday. While we can’t help you avoid every problem or situation that may arise, we can help you avoid some things with these handy tips for a hassle free getaway.

We have created a pre-holiday checklist that will help you avoid certain problems while travelling, and help you keep your essentials handy in your carry-on luggage.

Essential Pre-Holiday Checklist

Essential Pre-Holiday Checklist                                                Photo credits:

Check the Expiration Date on Your Passport

The last thing you want to do is get to the airport, only to discover that your passport is expired or about to expire. This will create a number of problems and could even prevent you from flying.

In some cases, there are some countries may even restrict your travel or deny you access if your passport is about to expire – usually within six months – of your travel date. In order to avoid situations like this, it is best to make sure your passport is valid and up to date.

Keep All Information/Confirmation Numbers Together

Chances are good you will be doing a lot of bookings online. You will book everything from hotels to tour reservations online. Once you receive a confirmation number, write it down or print it out and keep it in a folder. This will allow you to keep everything together in one place.

When it comes time to leave on your holiday, you can just grab the folder or notebook filled with the confirmation numbers and be on your way. You won’t have to spend time searching for them and they will be ready when – and if – you need them.

Plan Ahead for Medication

Filling a prescription while travelling internationally can be difficult, not to mention expensive. Before you head out, try to plan ahead when it comes to your medication. Make sure you have enough for your trip, as well as a little extra in case something should happen such as flight delays or layovers.

Make Sure Someone Knows Your Plans

Letting someone know your itinerary is extremely important, especially if you are travelling alone. These individuals will be able to track your movements and help should anything happen (medical emergency, family emergency at home, etc.).
When creating an itinerary to leave with a family or friend while you are gone make sure to include the following:

  • List of locations where you will be going
  • Phone numbers and addresses of hotels where you are staying
  • Flight numbers
  • Dates of travel

In addition to following these things on the checklist, there is one other way you can avoid stress while travelling on holiday – park in our Melbourne airport parking facility.

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