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Tips for a Hassle Free Getaway – Part 1

Travelling is supposed to be fun and not distressing. You get your fair share of stress during the working week and it’s the last thing you need on your holidays. Ace Airport Parking has compiled a list of helpful tips to maximise the holiday joy for you and your travel companions and avoid those nasty travel experiences.

Pack Light Without Risking Comfort and Style

Get to know your destination’s seasonal weather. For ladies, the “must haves” when travelling is: leggings and t-shirt. Both are comfortable and fashionable. For men, the “must haves” are: linen pants and t-shirt. If you are travelling to a place where it is cold, a sweater and a few pairs of socks are necessities. Don’t over pack undergarments, as they are quick to wash and dry. Wherever possible, pack only lightweight clothes and pack only what you need. Over packing may lead to a frightening bill for excess baggage that is easy to avoid with planning. Do the packing at least a week before your departure date. An age-old trick is to pack your bag, then halve the contents.

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List Essentials

Travel like a professional and create a checklist of important items that you can check before leaving both home and your hotel. This should ensure nothing is left behind.

Prepare Your Essentials The Night Before

  • Passport/visa/tickets.Don’t just leave these things on a table to grab on the way out of the house. There is still a big chance that you might forget them and it will be a short trip if you forget them! Put them in your bag the night before and double check when you leave. Ensure they are within easy reach for when you need to present them at the airport.
  • A small first aid kit containing medicines for allergy, headache, muscle pain, cough and colds. Check customs laws at your destination, as not all pharmacy medications are legal across the globe. Packing essential medications will avoid having to locate a pharmacy in the middle of the night in a foreign town.
  • Hygiene bag: Shampoo and soap are often provided by your hotel, but if you prefer to bring your own, just put them in small plastic bottles. Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush and cotton buds are also advisable.

Earphones/Earplugs & Neck Pillow

If your journey will be long haul, it’s best to rest on the plane and do your best to eliminate ambient aircraft noise.

Set the Alarm

To avoid arriving late for your flight, set the alarm 4-3 hours before your flight schedule.

Enjoy Your Holiday

Don’t be a buzzkill to your company. Discover new things and get to know the place and the people. There is no time for resting once you’re there. It would be such a waste of time if you spend the whole trip at the hotel. If that’s the case, you could’ve stayed at home and sleep for free!

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