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The 2019 Travel Bucket List

Planning on going on holiday in 2019 but unsure where to go? Our 2019 travel bucket list is here to save the day! We have created a list of the hottest, most popular travel destinations from all over the world. Use our list and find a fun, exciting place to visit for your next holiday. While some destinations may have been on many peoples’ lists for years, others are trending or suddenly discovered areas that have become “must-see” travel spots.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Be One of the First to Explore Cuba

Cuba is probably the most popular travel destination for 2019. It is extremely popular because for decades it has been closed to tourists. Recent changes have opened Cuba up to travellers and now everyone is clamouring to visit.

There are lots of fun things to see and do in Cuba. You can visit historical sites, hit the dance floor and show off your dance moves, sample local food at street markets or tiny restaurants, or just go cruising throughout the city and taking in the sights. Havana has a wonderful time-locked feel that makes it an attraction for those who love vintage cars and that “old-world” ambience.

Can’t Go Wrong with a Trip to the Bahamas

If you aren’t the adventurous type and want to stick to a more “traditional” holiday, you can’t go wrong with a holiday in the Bahamas. This is the quintessential island getaway holiday where you can relax on world class beaches, swim with the dolphins, and go boating on ocean waters that are so crystal clear you can almost see the ocean floor! The Bahamas offers a fun-loving, casual way of life that may entice you to overstay!

The Ultimate Outdoor Explorer Destination – Tulum, Mexico  

Want to go trekking through the jungles, see exotic animals, and explore ancient ruins? If so then you absolutely must holiday in Tulum, Mexico.

There is so much to see and do that we can almost guarantee that you will be planning your next trip to Tulum even before you leave. Some of the favourite things that travellers like to partake in include relaxing yoga sessions, exploring ancient ruins that are filled not only with history but tons of exotic animals, and drinking in the beautiful scenery.

A Fun and Exciting Cultural Experience – Japan

Japan is always a fun place to visit on holiday. No matter when you visit there are always tons of things to do. Take part in local festivals, explore the city, or explore the country and see some of the most unique, yet exciting historical landmarks and sites. Japan offers a unique blend of tradition alongside quirky tech found in the bars and restaurants of inner city Tokyo.

Other Popular Hotspots People Will Travel to in 2019

There are so many places to include on our 2019 travel bucket list that it is impossible to list them all. Some of the other destinations that are popular for people who are holidaying in 2019 include:

  • Africa – we recommend looking into travelling to Botswana or Namibia
  • Utah, United States – great for skiing or for taking in beautiful scenic views
  • Fiji – exotic and relaxing island getaway
  • India – ancient culture and a must for spicy food lovers!
  • Panama – from the world famous canal to amazing beaches
  • Grand Canyon, United States – breathtaking natural landscapes

Choose one of the destinations on our list and you will be sure to have a wonderful holiday!

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