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The Great Debate: Window versus Aisle Seat

Window or aisle seat? It is one of the biggest topics debated amongst travellers. In fact, some travellers have been known to choose another flight or wait a little longer during a layover just to ensure they book a flight with their seat preference.

So, which is better? A window seat or an aisle seat? It really depends on what type of traveller you are. Here is a look at some of the reasons why people prefer one type of seat over the other.

The Great Debate - Window versus Aisle Seat

The Great Debate – Window versus Aisle Seat                                                              Photo by: Ronald Sarayudej

Window Seat – Great for Sleeping

Some travellers are gifted with the ability to curl up and fall asleep for the entire flight. For these individuals, a window seat is great. Not only is there a window surround to lean against and get comfortable, but no one will be interrupting you to get up and move around or go to the bathroom.

Aisle Seat – Great for the Frequent Bathroom User

Travellers need to stay hydrated while flying. Unfortunately, that can often cause them to have to frequently use the bathroom. If you are a frequent bathroom user on a plane, you will find the aisle seat provides you with the ability to get up and go without disturbing everyone around you.

Window Seat – Great for the Photo Fanatic

Travelling offers you the chance to capture some amazing photos. Photo fanatics will find the window seat the best place to sit. You will have uninterrupted views of everything from city skylines to birds-eye views of the landscapes below and even amazing cloud formations.

Aisle Seat – Great for the Plane Stroller

Sitting in one place for several hours while flying can take a toll on your body, which is why experts recommend you get up and walk around. Plane strollers, those people who get up and roam the aisles during a flight, will find the aisle seat provides them with the comfort and flexibility to get up and roam around without having to clamber over their neighbours.

Window Seat – Great for Parents with Young Children

It might be assumed that parents would want to sit in an aisle seat where there is more room, but they actually prefer the window seat. There is more privacy with a window seat, which allows parents to nurse their children or help them so they can fall asleep. The window to the world also offers another distraction.

Aisle Seat – Great for Those Who Want Extra Room

There is just a little bit of extra room when you sit in an aisle seat. People with longer legs or those that require a little extra room to shuffle into a comfortable position will be grateful for that extra inch or two and the ability to stretch into the aisle. (Without tripping anyone up of course!)

Window Seat – Great for Those That Don’t Like Interruptions from the Drink Cart

Sitting in the aisle seat means you will have to put up with flight attendants walking up and down the aisle. Sometimes the flight attendants are simply moving about the plane, but often they can be pushing a loud, bulky drink cart. A window seat eliminates this distraction and keeps you from being bumped, banged or jostled by the cumbersome cart.

Aisle Seat – Great for Those Who Like a Quick Departure

Aisle seats provide you with a great chance to slip out of your seat and head to the terminal once the plane lands. This is great for people who have tight layovers or travel light.

There really is no right or wrong answer to whether an aisle seat or a window seat is better. It all depends on the personal preference of the individual flyer.

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