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Fall in Love with Florence

When planning to holiday in Italy most people go to popular cities like Venice and Rome but there is one charming city that is often overlooked and ignored and it is a “must visit” place. That city is Florence.

Florence is an extremely charming city that not everyone thinks to visit. It is often overlooked because it doesn’t have all the glitz and glamour that the other major cities do, but that is what makes it so appealing. People love Florence because it has a small-town feel that is filled with so much to see and do.

Interested in visiting Florence? Here is a look at some of the places and things you absolutely must do while you are on holiday.


Make a Stop at the Uffizi Gallery

Even if you aren’t an art enthusiast, you have to make time to stop at the Uffizi Gallery. It is probably the most popular art gallery in the entire world and it has artwork from almost every popular painter you can think of – Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and so many others that were popular during the Renaissance era.  

Get to Take Part in the Ultimate Small European Town Experience

One of the things people love about small European towns is the ability to spend an entire day just strolling through the streets without ever getting bored. Florence allows you to relax, have fun, and take part in the full small European town experience.

While walking around Florence you can window shop at some of the amazing small boutiques and shops around the city, sample tasty treats at the bakeries and cafes, or stop to listen to street musicians as they perform for the tourists.

Amazing Architecture is All Around the City

Every day you are in Florence you will be sure to see something new and amazing as the entire city is filled with beautiful architectural buildings. While you can certainly see everything in one day, it is recommended that you plan on several days where you just walk through the city. This allows you to really see all the popular buildings, like the Santa Maria del Fiore, and even some of the other lesser-known buildings that are just as beautiful.

Other things to do in Florence include:

  • Taking in the views from Piazzale Michelangelo
  • Visiting Piazza Della Signoria
  • See the Giotto’s Bell Tower
  • Take in the sights at Basilica di Santa Croce

 When Should You Visit Florence?

There really isn’t a bad time to visit Florence. However, there are some times throughout the year when the city is less crowded and therefore everything from hotels to airfare is more affordable.

If you want to visit Florence when it is less crowded, you will want to try to book your holiday either between April and May or between mid-September and October. This is considered to be the low peak period for tourists and avoids the height of the northern summer.

Everyone should visit Florence at least once in their life. Consider choosing it as the destination for your next holiday. You won’t regret it!

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