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Should We Have Child-Free Zones on Flights?

Airlines all over the globe are being forced to make a difficult decision – should they have child-free zones on flights?  The growing trend is to establish child-free zones on long-haul flights. These small sections on each flight reserved for adults only are thought of by many travellers as a godsend, but not everyone agrees.

We will take a closer look at both sides of the argument and let you decide whether or not child-free zones on flights are a good idea.

Child-Free Zones on Flights

Child-Free Zones on Flights     Photo by Flickr Juhan Sonin

Child-Free Zones Restrict Where Families Can Sit

One of the biggest complaints about child-free zones on flights is that it is extremely restrictive to families with children. Depending upon the airline’s rules for child-free zones, parents are banned from sitting in business or first class sections and are restricted to new child-free zones in the cramped confines of economy.

There are a few drawbacks to forcing parents to sit in economy. Firstly, children will have less room to move around, which might make them cranky and irritable. This means that some children may make more noise and be more disruptive than if they were seated in business or first class.

Another argument is that it prevents parents from being able to be comfortable. Travelling with a child is no fun, especially if they are fussy. For some parents, just having the luxury of sitting in a more comfortable section of the plane could make the entire travel experience easier. Parents who can afford to fly in the pointy end of the plane also argue that their choice of a seat shouldn’t be dictated by having their children present.

Child-Free Zones Allows Travellers Guaranteed Peace and Quiet

Travelling is difficult enough. After all, you are stuck on an aircraft for several hours and are unable to get up and move about freely. The last thing travellers without children want to do is be forced to listen to children screaming, crying, running around or kicking seats. That is why people are supportive of child-free zones.

A child-free zone guarantees that a traveller doesn’t have to be forced to deal with loud, screaming children while travelling. For a little extra money, the individual can purchase a seat in a child-free zone and know that they will not have children kicking the back of their seat or having a fussy child making noise.

The guarantee of a peaceful flight without distractions from children is especially important for business travellers. Many business travellers try to get some work done while on the plane. It can be difficult to concentrate when children are making noises. Paying the extra money to sit in a child-free zone allows business travellers to make sure they will be able to get their work done without distractions.

In the end, your views on child-free zones on flights are probably determined by how you travel. If you are a family travelling with youngsters, child-free zones may be restrictive and prevent you from being able to sit in certain sections or even take certain flights. However, if you are travelling on your own and want a guarantee that you won’t end up sitting near a screaming child, these sections will make your travel experience more enjoyable.

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