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How to Keep Your Home Safe While on Holiday

Thieves hope with all the excitement surrounding your upcoming holiday that you will forget to lock a door or secure a window. All it takes is one overlooked area in your home and the thieves will have quick, easy access to all your personal belongings and important documents while you are out and about traveling the world.

Don’t let thieves and criminals gain access to your home while you are on holiday. Follow these home safety tips and you will be able to make sure your home is tightly secured before you leave on holiday.


How to Keep Your Home Safe While on Holiday

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Use Timers to Have Lights Turn on and Off at Regular Times While You are Away

It might seem logical to assume that when you aren’t home, you turn off the lights. While that is true, you don’t want to do that when you are going to be away on holiday, especially if it is for several weeks.

Take a few moments to set up timers around your house to turn lights, radios, and TVs on throughout the day. This will give your home the appearance that people are inside when in reality you are on holiday. Thieves will hear the radio or see the lights on, assume someone is home and move on to their next target.

Hide Your Departure

You don’t have to leave under the cloak of darkness, but it is probably a good idea not to pack up your entire car in the driveway where everyone can see you are heading out on holiday. Instead, move the car into the garage and pack it in there. This will make it less obvious you are leaving on holiday.

Double Check All Locks on Doors, Windows and Other Entry Points

Check, double check and triple check that all points of entry to your home are locked and secure. This includes doors, windows and doors leading into the garage. Basically any way a person can access your home, make sure it is completely secure.

Don’t just check the doors and windows on the first floor. If you have a double storey home check all windows and points of entry, such as balconies on the second storey. Thieves are creative when they are looking for ways into a home and they won’t just walk through your front door, they will look for an easy way to get in – unlocked windows, unsecured doors on the patio, etc.

Don’t Broadcast to Social Media You are Going on Holiday

This is extremely difficult because you want to share your excitement about going on holiday. Unfortunately, it will have to wait a little while as sharing it on social media is basically like putting a huge sign on your home that says “I won’t be here from X date to X date – come take my stuff”.

Visit our blog post here which we published several months ago to learn exactly what not to post on social media in relation to your upcoming holiday.

Stop All Services that Could Result in Things Piling Up on Your Doorstep

Magazine deliveries, water deliveries, grocery deliveries, or any other daily or weekly service that sends you mail or items should be temporarily stopped while you are on holiday. If you don’t stop these services, there will be a huge pile of stuff building up around your home and it will be obvious you aren’t home.

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