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Best National Drinks

Some national drinks will put hairs on your chest, but most national drinks will taste better in the country of origin.  So, the next time you travel to a new country or region, take some time to go into a local bar and taste some of the traditional spirits or specialities.  We also suggest that you take a GPS with you so you can find your way back after one too many!

Photo by Rosalind Chang on Unsplash


The fruit of the acai palm is consumed with gusto in its native Brazil, where it’s prized for its super-food properties. Acai pulp is added to juices from various other weird and wonderful Amazonian fruits and slurped the nation over.


There’s nothing better on a hot, steamy Vietnamese day than ordering a “ca phe sua da” – coffee with ice and milk. The coffee drips into the glass from an individual percolator, before being mixed with condensed milk and ice cubes. Perfection.


A few nations would claim beer as their national drink, but none offer the same variety and passion for the product as the Belgians. From the dark, strong Trappist ales to the sour lambics to the easy-drinking blonds, this is a country that knows how to brew.


Is it a drink or a meal? It’s sometimes hard to say when it comes to bubble tea, the Taiwanese concoction of milky or fruit-flavoured tea mixed with tapioca balls. These chewy spheres are small enough to be sucked up through a thick straw, and the result is … interesting.


Scottish whisky is often imitated and occasionally bettered, but still, there’s no country with a culture quite like Scotland’s. You could tour the country drinking nothing but, from the smoky, peaty distillations of Islay to the more subtle drops of Speyside.  Scotland exports about 99 million cases of Scotch every year.

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