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What Makes Vienna the Most Liveable City in the World?

In 2018, Vienna became the most liveable city in the world.  It had been decided on their healthcare, educational system, infrastructure, and cultural environment.

Melbourne has spent a number of years reigning supreme as the most liveable city in the world.

To help with your planning we have outlined some of the most popular things to do in the city.

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash




Dine at a Local Café

There are a lot of restaurants throughout Vienna that would be classified as tourist hotspots.

Visiting a local hangout gives you the opportunity to sample tasty treats that aren’t always served in other busier restaurants.

Need a recommendation for a local café? Try Café Drechsler. They serve some of the best cappuccinos and sweet treats in the entire city.

Take a Casual Bike Ride around the City

The best way to experience the entire city of Vienna is by renting a bicycle from one of the local shops and taking a quick trip to The Ringstrasse.  Should you plan on cycling The Ringstrasse, you will want to plan on making numerous stops to enjoy the city views. It just wouldn’t be the same if you just cycled your way through it and didn’t take in the attractions.

Experience the Cultural Side of Vienna by Stopping at the Local Museums

There are modern museums, historical museums, and even museums dedicated to classical music. Make sure you take time to browse several of the museums as it will give you the chance to experience the historical and cultural side of the city.

If you happen to be visiting in the month of October you will be in luck as many of the local museums take part in a ‘late night’ event. For a little bit of extra money, you can purchase tickets that will allow you to gain access to the museums after hours.

Other Things to Do in Vienna

Other favorite things to do in Vienna include:

  • Visiting the St. Stephen’s Cathedral
  • Stopping at the House of Music
  • Touring the Kunstkammer
  • Stop and sample treats at the Naschmarkt – Vienna’s local food market
  • Stroll through one of the many local parks

We are certain that Melbourne will make enough improvements to reclaim the title of the most liveable city in the world in next year’s competition!

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