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A Traveller’s Guide to Vibrant Singapore

Over the past 10 to 15 years Singapore has undergone an amazing transformation. What was once thought of as an international shopper’s paradise has now turned into a favourite travel destination for anyone looking for adventure.

If you are thinking of taking a holiday to Singapore, but are unsure of where to go or what to see, we are here to help. We have created a brief traveller’s guide that will highlight some of the places that are absolute “must see” locations and landmarks throughout the country.

A Traveller’s Guide to Vibrant Singapore

Photo by Guo Xin Goh on Unsplash

The Singapore Zoo

People often think that if you have seen one zoo you have seen them all, but that isn’t the case with the Singapore Zoo. Sure, some of the animals there you have seen at other zoos, but there are unique experiences and animals that you often can’t find anywhere else.

For example, Singapore Zoo offers visitors the chance to enjoy a tasty breakfast surrounded by a family of orang-utans. Other favourite zoo residents include the two giant tortoises and the majestic white tigers.

Visit the Island of Sentosa

The island of Sentosa is one of those unique places in Singapore where you can do almost anything. While visiting the island you can take hikes through beautiful, lush forest greenery, visit amusement parks like Universal Studios, and even stop at the world’s largest aquarium.

If you are the adventurous type you can take a ride down the MegaZip. The MegaZip is a thrilling zip line that is able to reach speeds of 60 km/h and gives you the opportunity to see some of Singapore’s most popular sights from a unique vantage point.

Take in the Sights at Marina Bay

Visiting Marina Bay at night gives you the opportunity to see the sights and views that you usually only see on the front of postcards. The entire skyline lights up and looks like something from the distant future.

While visiting at night there are tons of things to see and do near the Marina Bay. You can shop at some of the local shops or vendors, take part in the thriving nightlife, experience the amazing Marina Bay Sands casino, or just stroll around the parks and hang out with the locals. There really is something for everyone to see and do near the Marina Bay.

Stop by the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Before Singapore became a thriving tourist hotspot it was known for its lush forests and being the “it” place to go to see exotic wildlife and birds. There has been a lot of development over the years that have changed Singapore into a more modern country, but there are still some areas where you can experience what the country used to be like back in the day.

The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is a beautiful rainforest that sits on the highest point in Singapore. When visiting, you can see everything from uninterrupted forested areas to native long-tailed monkeys, birds, and snakes. There is even a visitors’ center where you can get more information on the country’s beautiful fauna and flora.

Looking for fun and adventure? Consider visiting Singapore on your next holiday. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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