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Tips When Visiting a Sushi Bar – The Real Purpose For That Part of the Chopstick

Here are some tips when your next visiting a sushi bar.  Find out the real purpose for that part of the chopstick.

If you are a fan of sushi and Asian takeaway meals, then you may have used a pair of disposable #chopsticks.  Most of us who have used disposable chopsticks are completely unfamiliar with that little tab at the end of the chopstick.

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We usually break the sticks apart, rub them together to remove any loose splinters and proceed to eat the delicious cuisine.

Did you know that the little tab is not placed there to keep the sticks together?  The tab needs to be separated from the chopstick as it will then double for a chopstick holder.

This will then give you a holder to place the sticks on whilst you enjoy your drink and it will also ensure that you keep both your table and chopsticks clean.

Don’t ask for wasabi or soy sauce

One way to make a sushi chef go ballistic – at least internally – is watching a customer mash a mound of wasabi in a pool of soy sauce and then dunk the sushi in it. At a good sushi bar, every piece is precisely composed by the chef. Not only are you insulting the chef with your soy-wasabi bath, you are also upsetting the delicate flavour balance of a piece of fish. Still, if you’re determined to be the boss of your sushi, the chef will hand over a little extra wasabi and/or soy sauce – the word “please” is helpful.

Pair your sushi with Champagne

A French wine expert says that Champagne goes surprisingly well with sushi, in part because of its fish-friendly mineralogy. It also acts as a natural palate cleanser.


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