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Tips for a Hassle Free Getaway – Part 2

We previously spoke about the importance of leaving your everyday worries and stress behind you once you embark on your dream holiday. Our tips covered in Part 1 of ‘Ensuring you Have a Hassle Free Getaway’ were well received and had readers asking for more, so the team here at Ace Airport Parking has dug deep once more to create a follow-up list of tips for a hassle free getaway.

Tips for a Hassle Free Getaway - Plan an Itinerary

Tips for a Hassle Free Getaway – Plan an Itinerary                                       Photo on Visual hunt

Research Your Destination and Create an Itinerary

  • Hotels/Accommodations: Make sure it is safe, nice and budget friendly.
  • Restaurants: which of them offer dishes out of the ordinary.
  • Tourist Spots.
  • Emergency numbers and locations: nearest police stations, hospitals, pharmacies and Consular assistance.
  • Debit/Credit card provider’s number: at least you know whom to call if these cards get lost or stolen.

A week before your departure day, make sure to have a list of everything mentioned above. A good getaway must be planned, surprises are nice but not the, “There is a creeper outside my room, where is the nearest police station?” kind of surprise. If you are on a budget, look for a respectable, clean and safe place to stay, but keep it cheap. There is always a place that fits the bill as long as you do your research. If you are travelling within peak season then budget extra for accommodation. If the budget is really tight, stay somewhere out of the city but make sure, again, that the location is safe. You shouldn’t risk your safety for a few dollars! Learn more about the local culture and customs to avoid offending anyone. That would be awkward!


Only carry essential cash and place it somewhere safe. Preferably use a money belt that you can wear and hide under your shirt. If you are going somewhere that uses different currency, it is advisable to have some cash exchanged in advance.

Tips for a Hassle Free Getaway - Foreign Currency

Tips for a Hassle Free Getaway – Foreign Currency

Don’t Allow Small Things to Bother You

Smile and don’t allow minor niggles to irritate you, as this will affect the whole trip. “Run the day or the day runs you”.

Grab a Souvenir

It could be a picture that you can show to everyone, a piece of rock or anything that you can put inside your bag. Just be knowledgeable of what is legal to bring through customs, as you don’t want to extend your holiday in custody!

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