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The World’s Favourite Food Destinations

Travelling doesn’t have to be about seeing landmarks, it can be about sampling new and traditional foods that you wouldn’t find at home. If you are a foodie who is planning an upcoming holiday, the following are some of the world’s favourite food destinations. These cities are famous for offering original culinary experiences which will enhance your travels and your taste buds.

Photo credit: Abi Skipp on Visual Hunt

Hanoi, Vietnam

Unless you are lucky and have an authentic Vietnamese restaurant close to you, you are probably used to water-downed versions of Vietnamese food. Visit Hanoi, Vietnam to try authentic dishes such as traditional egg coffee, baguettes with pate/cucumbers/herbs/onions/chilli, pho tiu noodles and banh mi. To experience the most authentic food, take to the streets and eat from the local food vendors.

Jaipur, India

When you travel to Jaipur, India, you will find the streets lined with vendors who know how to chargrill and bar-be-cue in the Rajasthani style. Rajasthani style cooking relies upon plenty of meats, curry flavours and yoghurt.

Mendoza, Argentina

Argentina has some of the best, most flavorful dishes and is one of the world’s largest producers of top quality beef. When travelling to Mendoza, you can enjoy everything from the most amazing, awe-inspiring wines to local favourites like Argentinian stews or empanadas.

Bologna, Italy

No list of food destinations would be complete without Italy. The Italians are known for their amazing culinary creations which include some of the best homemade sauces in the world. If you head to Bologna, Italy, you will be going to the birthplace of everyone’s favourite Italian dish – Bolognese sauce or ragù.

Lyon, France

Some of the best culinary chefs in the world have trained in France. When taking a foodie trip around the world, there is no way you can skip France. Some of the amazing foods you will ever try are in Lyon, France.  These may include delicious chocolate, unique cheeses and tripe.

Bangkok, Thailand

If you are looking for an exotic place to go for some mouth-watering meals, Bangkok, Thailand is the place. Local food vendors line the streets and serve everything from freshly grilled shrimp and scallops to beef marinated in lemongrass and chilli.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark has an ever-changing culinary scene. Visit Copenhagen and you will be able to try some of the world’s best coffee to rich wines and amazing dishes which you can only find in Denmark.

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