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The Secrets of Aircraft Interior Design

Everyone knows airlines employ flight attendants, reservation agents, ticket agents and pilots, but did you know that every airline has an entire team of designers that are responsible for plotting out how the inside of the plane looks?

The team of designers spend months carefully planning out every detail of a plane’s interior design. Everything from the colour and size of the chairs to what lights are used and the features found inside the plane is handpicked for a reason by the team of designers.

Curious why designers picked certain features and colours for a plane? Read ahead as we are about to uncover the secrets behind designing the interior of an aircraft.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

To Recline or Not to Recline? That is the Question

Something as tiny as the mechanism used to recline seats may seem unimportant to the average person, but it is something designers need to consider when creating and designing the interior of a plane. That tiny mechanism adds additional weight to the plane which is a huge concern for airlines.

Many airlines want to make their planes as light as possible to save on fuel costs. Removing the ability to recline the seats gives airlines the ability to make their planes lighter. Certain low-budget European airlines have already begun to remove reclining seats as a weight and cost saving for short haul journeys.

Choosing the Right Type of Fabric for the Seats

All types of fabric can be used for airline seats but most airlines choose to use a softer patterned synthetic fibre. This material is chosen because it is lightweight, easy to clean, and comfortable.

In addition to choosing the right type of fabric, designers must carefully consider the colour. While lighter colours may look better and have a more calming effect, they are extremely difficult to keep clean. The lighter colour makes it easier to see dirt and other stains. Over time the dirt and stains will be unable to be removed and the chairs will need to be replaced.

Designers for airlines will often choose either patterned material or dark colours. The patterns and dark colours can hide dirt and stains better and therefore won’t need to be replaced as often.

The Colours Chosen for the Interior of a Plane

Airlines want their passengers to feel calm, relaxed and comfortable while on board their planes. The colours chosen for the interior of the plane can play a huge role in helping passengers feel this way.

Using calming, neutral colours, such as blues, beige, or grey, can influence the passengers’ moods. Designers will try to incorporate these calming colours into the aircraft interior in order to help improve the mood of the passengers on the plane. Many airlines have now moved away from the “safe” and “corporate” blue that was used for aircraft seats for many generations, instead preferring to use darker colours that match their corporate branding.

Choose the Right Type of Lighting

Certain types of lighting have a harshness to them that can stress people out and even cause headaches or fatigue. Designers must carefully consider the type of lighting they put into the plane. They must choose an option, such as softer LED lighting, that will provide passengers with enough light to be able to read and engage in other activities, but won’t cause stress or pain to them. Mood and ambient lighting is also used to help adjust passengers’ sleep patterns as they cross multiple time zones.

Now that you know these secrets of how the interior of a plane is created and designed the next time you step on a plane you will be seeing things in a whole new light.

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