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The Melbourne Airport Rail Link

Imagine if travellers coming in and out of Melbourne could just hop aboard a rail link and get to where they were going. It could dramatically reduce traffic congestion and increase international visitor numbers to our great city. Unfortunately, as of this moment the Melbourne Airport Rail Link is something that is only talked about and not a reality – at least not in the foreseeable future.

But have you heard about the “secret” hidden Tullamarine railway station already built at Melbourne Airport?

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The Mystery of the Hidden Station

Melbourne Airport is one of the only international airports that isn’t serviced by a rail link, but many people believe it was supposed to have one. Some historians and individuals believe the capacity for a railway station was constructed in the foundations of the main terminal during construction back in the late 60’s after moving from Essendon Internation Airport.

The hidden station and capacity for rail infrastructure were apparently incorporated when the airport was built with the idea of building a public transportation system to the airport. Unfortunately, the station zone remains unused and forgotten. The rumour carries weight with many Melbournians who believe the airport was always supposed to have a rail link.

The Great Debate Over the Melbourne Airport Rail Link

Over the years, the Melbourne Airport Rail Link has been something of a political hot potato. Some officials fully support the need to build a costly rail link (usual while in opposition!), while others believe it would be a waste of money and rarely used.

Those in support of the rail link believe it could be beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it would attract a greater number of international travellers to the area. If more international travellers come to Melbourne that means more money coming into the local economy.

Supporters of the rail link believe not having this type of transportation to the airport could prevent international travellers from coming to the area. They believe that international travellers like the ease of being able to hop on a link rail and get to where they are going.

Another reason supporters believe an airport rail link is needed is to help with traffic. Countries all over the world are taking measures to reduce pollution. A rail system would reduce traffic to the area, which (in their opinion) would decrease pollution – not to mention help with traffic congestion! That of course conveniently ignores the vast amount of pollution and resources required to finish a mammoth construction project such as this, including the environmental costs of running an electric rail network.

Many routes for the rail link have been considered, with few that make much sense, but two have stood the continued debate, the Broadmeadows line and the Albion line.  Each option has its pros and cons, however the Albion line would provide a faster travel time, with less stops or congestion from non-airport trains.


Those who are against the link rail believe it is a bad idea because of the enormous cost of the project. These individuals believe the cost of building the rail link far outweigh the benefits, especially since they believe Melbournians may only use the link twice a year, making the project unfeasible. Opponents believe the rail link will not be used as often as proposed, which equals a waste of taxpayer’s money.

Melbourne Airport Parking For The Future

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